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Balance Your Hustle

The 3 Day Challenge to Break Free From Busy

11th-14th September 2023

6pm UK | 7PM CEST | 1PM NY, USA

You’ve got the Balance Strategy, now it’s time to implement it!

Balane Your Hustle

Over the 3 Days You Will Learn

Day 1: How to break free from busy (with strategy)

  • On day 1, we will cover the process of creating a strategy that is aligned with your goals, and helps you achieve the life of freedom you desire.

  • We'll discuss how to identify your setbacks and unique methods to addresses them.

  • We'll also cover how to make your strategy aligned toward getting what YOU really want from life, and what matters most to you


Day 2: How to rewire your brain to create consistency 

  • On day 2, we'll dive into the process of rewiring your brain and attracting opportunities that are aligned to you and your values.

  • We'll cover the neuroscience of how your brain actually works (in an easily digestible way), including the mechanisms that keep us stuck, your subconscious mind that runs the show, and how to control it.

  • We'll also discuss how to create consistency in your healthy habits to create freedom and achievement.

Day 3: How to become a match for balance AND success

  • On day 3, we'll focus on the importance of mindset and energy when it comes to creating success and freedom in your life.

  • We'll discuss how to overcome mindset blocks that might be holding you back without you even realising.

  • We'll also cover techniques for becoming a powerful strategist without the need to force your success and work all hours. We'll cover the power of slowing down to speed up, raising your vibration and becoming a match for success.


This FREE 3 Day Challenge is for you if:

You are already running your business/career successfully, but you're looking for more freedom

You know you want to create a balance strategy, but don't know where to start . 

You've got healthy habits, but you struggle with consistency and 'falling off a good routine'

You love taking an insider peak at someone else's strategies (who doesn't?!)

Exclusive Access to My Strategy


From running the rat race, to moving to Ibiza to run my dream retreat business.

I used to spend my days stressed out and ALWAYS on the go.

Creating success and financial freedom without feeling stress and overwhelm isn't easy.

Especially amongst endless to do lists, responsibilities and social plans. 

It can feel never ending…

That's why in this 3 Day Challenge, I'm going to be teaching you the exact strategy that I use continually to create success and freedom.

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