A blog post inspired by Viktor Frankl. How do we create freedom in a world that consumed by a pandemic? We are in and out of lockdown, the "rules" of our life are constantly being changed, and it often feels like our freedoms are being taken away from us....

The world is changing whether we like it or not.

We have to adapt and be flexible. Not what you wanted to hear?

Viktor Frankl said “everything can be taken away from a man but one thing, to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances and to choose ones own way”. Viktor Frankl was a holocaust survivor. He wrote a bestselling book about his experiences, having his liberty and every single thing that was important to him taken away. The book is called: A Man’s Search for Meaning. So what does it mean to "choose one's own way?"

Choose how you would like to show up today. How you would like to show up every day? *Maybe even journal and write down your answers! Something I find really interesting about Viktor Frankl's book, is that he shares a disagreement with the dictionary version of freedom below. He believes that you can still have inner freedom, despite being a prisoner or slave. Simply because these prisoners, despite having every other right taken away from them, still had the ability to choose how they responded to the horrific situation that was forced upon them. This is what Frankl believed saved the lives of those prisoners who were able to vision a future for themselves, and therefore had a strong "why" to continue living.

I know that it's easy for us to feel like prisoners to the world at times, especially when our lives have changed so dramatically over the past year. Though we too still have the freedom to choose our own way. You can choose how you respond.

You can choose how you show up each day, despite what is happening in the external world around you. Viktor Frankl also explains that inner strength and future goals are intrinsically connected. Those of us with clear goals for the future have a reason to live, a reason to show up each day, and a why to live. Therefore "he who has a why to live, can bare with almost any how".

So yes. We can still have many freedoms in a pandemic. Freedoms to have goals and dreams for the future. Freedoms to make steps toward our goals right now. Freedoms to connect online. Freedoms to volunteer. Freedoms to impact and help people when we are working online. Freedoms to meditate. Freedoms to choose how we spend our time. Freedoms to love. Freedoms to express. You don't have to sit and wait for the world to dictate how you should show up. To tell you how to live.

Get clear with your goals. Allow yourself to dream and take steps towards making it happen. A dream or a goal could be as small as to show our loved ones how much they mean to us each day, or maybe it's a wider goal that impacts the planet. Whatever it is, that is up to you. Take your voice, your own message, your own meaning, and use it without apology to keep you going, to keep you motivated for the brighter days that ARE certainly ahead of us. You can be at the forefront about making this world a different place. Simply by using your freedom to choose how you live and inspiring others to do the same. You are not what has happened to you. You are what you choose to become. And remember, you are not alone. I am with you. The Sancti tribe is with you. We are together, we are one. We will all some day soon enjoy days of connection outside, exploring and travelling once more, meeting with friends in coffee shops and restaurants, enjoying theatres, concerts, festivals, and some of the joys of life we once took for granted. Though we must be patient. That day will come. Until then, it's up to you to choose how you would like to react. Here is a link to purchase Viktor Frankl's book whilst also supporting a local bookstore: A Man's Search for Meaning Book

I would LOVE to hear your experiences over lockdown? What you find helps you to feel good daily, and your own personal techniques? Message me on Instagram @yogabygeorgia, comment below, or maybe even share in our Whatsapp group to inspire your fellow Sancti community! Sending light to you, let's do this. Georgia

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The 5 Healthy "Work From Home" Habits that will transform your week: 1. As soon as you wake up, do you something for yourself before you pick up your phone.

Maybe read a book, go for a walk, whatever makes you feel good.

2. Open your windows, even in the winter.

We are spending so much time indoors and indoor air pollution such as dust dirt or gases is crucial to health and well-being.

The new fresh air will give you a boost trust me.

3. Move your body.

It could be as simple as some stretches at your desk, going for a walk, or anything to move your body and keep those creative juices flowing. In need of a real energising de-stress? Drop in for a class on the Sancti Online Studio! Try a Free Taster Session here.

4. Plan breaks into your day.

When you’re working on a big project, with multiple deadlines.. it’s easy to lose track of time. We've all been there and skipping breaks is a one way ticket to burnout. Schedule in a coffee break, catch up with a friend, or even some time to take a break from your screen and simply rest for five minutes.

It might feel strange but you’ll go back to work feeling 10 times better and way more productive.

5. Remove distractions.

We can’t remove 100% of distractions, but set boundaries with things you know distract you! My biggest game changer has been leaving my phone in another room, especially when I've got a chunk of time I'd like allocate to getting something done.

What’s your best WFH tip? Share with me on Instagram @yogabygeorgia, or email me your thoughts to

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You're here because you want to make a change right? First, you need to know more about what change you'd like to make. Answer each of the following questions in your head, or maybe write down your answers to really get you thinking. Write whatever comes into you head first for each question: 1. What is it you'd like to change? 2. Why do you want to make that change? 3. What will happen IF you make that change? 4. What will happen if you do NOT make that change?

The thing that will STOP you from changing your lifestyle is your mindset. Let's take the example of someone looking for a healthier lifestyle and wanting to do yoga every day. First of all can you imagine life if you did yoga three times per week? (Or whatever you want to change). When would you do yoga? In the morning? In the evening? What times exactly? Then once you've decided this, start in small steps. For the yoga example you could start once per week. Then once you've been doing yoga for 1 day per week for a while, bump it up to 2 days, 3 days etc.. but don't rush it! You could spend a whole year at the first step and that would be a success!

You've imagined how your life could be, now what's stopping you from making that change in your life? As humans, we like to operate from our comfort zones. We are not pleasure seeking creatures, we are discomfort avoiding. This is known as the pleasure principle in psychology, which means: 1. We want to avoid pain / discomfort 2. We want to pursue pleasure

What's REALLY interesting about this is that we are far more driven to avoid pain / discomfort than we are to seek pleasure! Ask yourself, how do you respond to stress in your life? Do you avoid it somehow? How do you avoid it? What are your unhealthy habits? (We all have them!) Once you know more about how you avoid making that change in your life, you'll learn how to make the change lasting and sustainable for YOU!

Stress, pain avoiding and the fear of failure.

As humans we hate to feel failure. In order to make a change in your life you NEED to fail. Failure is your best friend! Why? Because you can’t be successful in making your changes until you start making mistakes.

You need to fail. You need to feel awkward and kiss a lot of frogs in order to be successful. Once you start to see failure as a stepping stone towards making the changes you want in your life, towards achieving your goals, you are more likely to take action! But.. if you see failure as awful. If you continue to avoid failure and feel useless whenever you do fail... then you are probably going to stay in your comfort zone. Growth doesn't come from comfort zones, neither does change. All great achievements are the result of many small achievements and small changes, small actions that you take in your life and small habits your form.

As a result of failure you gain valuable feedback towards something better. Towards that change that you want to make in your life.

So don't be afraid to stumble and fall. See failure as a great thing! You should be most of afraid of not failing at a yoga pose, not "doing it wrong".

Because it's there that you're most unlikely to grow and progress.

I would LOVE to hear your experience with making changes in your life? What you find helps you, and your own personal techniques. Message me on Instagram @yogabygeorgia, comment below, or maybe even share in our Whatsapp group to inspire your fellow Sancti community! Lots of love and light, Georgia xxx

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