your full potential

Neglect your physical and mental health... your work and your life suffers.


With the right coaching, and a movement practice that you enjoy, you and your team can feel better, achieve more, and work better every day. 

Your business will thrive. It's time to beat burnout now.

What’s stopping you?

the benefits to your business

improve communication

the key to a successful workforce is communication, and our group coaching sessions bring new tools for thoughtful and impactful communication

sharpen focus

learning how to bring meditation into your work day has proven to increase concentration, focus, memory and learning

transform company culture

making it normal to have honest, constructive communication, compassion for mental health, and regular movement sessions that employees take part in together... issues are resolved quicker and more effectively

attract top talent

employees are prioritising company culture when choosing which company to work for (Welltodo Industry report, 2020)

boost mental health

our mental wellbeing sessions create space in the mind for mental clarity and clear decision making

accelerate business growth

WHO researchers found that for every £1 businesses invest in mental health and wellbeing programmes they can see a return of up to £10. If your people are at their best, your business will be too!

full holistic approach to wellbeing

employees don't need yet another app to remind them of a workout they missed... live, personalised sessions bring mental and physical health to the forefront, whilst prioritising the specific needs of your business

more benefits of a complete wellbeing program?

find out here
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work with us


yoga & meditation


 mental wellbeing & performance coaching


bespoke company retreats


measurable & transformational results

of UK companies currently offer workplace wellness schemes...
only 45%
by being right here, right now...

this is your competitive advantage and it’s time to use it.
you're ahead of the curve!

take employee experience to the next level

I was feeling so unproductive at work today. That really helped with my headache, my whole body feels refreshed. I think all office workers who are working from home should definitely do this.



business growth

happy clients

healthy culture

engaged employees

learn how to beat the burnout cycle



more likely to hit deadlines


recommend their company as a great place to work*

(*compared to 17% in companies without a wellbeing program)


more motivated to work

“The team all loved the yoga session today - went down really well. Thanks for running it for us, was very clear and a good mix! We’ll being doing this regularly for sure"

what our customers say

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“That was amazing!

The perfect way to boost the mood (especially at the moment) & helped so much with brand engagement. LOVED it!”

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“You were a fundamental part of supporting Relate Leicester when we were all learning to cope with new ways of working during lockdown. We really appreciated your positive vibes and are looking forward to working with you in 2021.”