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You have arrived. 

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Sancti's exclusive retreat: The Influential Woman.

Curated to Empower Influential Women and Female Founders who are just like you. 


Designed to relax, re-energise and empower YOU.

Because you matter.

The Influential Woman Retreat

15th-17th January 2021

The Cotswolds 

Have you ever felt that being constantly contactable on your phone has gotten in the way of you living your life?

This is your time to totally switch off and relax!

There's no pressure to be on your phone, to post, to reply, nothing. Not this weekend. This weekend is for YOU.

You'll experience all the fun luxuries you'd ever wish for from a retreat - yoga, pole, meditation, hot tub, massages...

PLUS mindset workshops that'll help you really dig deep into your purpose.

Unleash your creativity and align your voice with your intentions. 

We know how hard you work. This retreat is exclusively for you to re-charge, enjoy and invest in you, and your own mindset re-fresh for a weekend!

Are you ready to fully commit a whole weekend for YOU?

Review of Sancti's Retreat

Sancti's retreat was honestly this years highlight for me! I had such an amazing time and met so many people that I could totally relate to.

The workshops were so helpful and seemed to totally relate to me and my experiences being in the spotlight. I learnt SO many useful techniques that I'm definitely going to be using for the rest of my career. 

I loved trying something new, and the warm support of the group and teachers. The location was very picturesque. Both Georgina and Becky were enthusiastic teachers and I enjoyed the different styles of yoga including 'cocktail yoga'.


Sancti Retreat Feedback

I absolutely loved my time during Sancti's retreat. I learnt so much, finally managed to relax, enjoy myself and connect with likeminded people. 

This retreat has been truly transformational for me, it's spurred me on to create more and use my voice. I'm quite clear about my goals already and where I want to get to, but this really helped me to see how I can get to my goals quicker by changing some simple thoughts about myself and my impact. I'm feeling so connected to my purpose right now, and that is definitely thanks to this time spent with likeminded women, and really digging deep into why I do what I do.

I'd honestly recommend this for anyone, especially if you're a female founder like me.


Dear beautiful human, 

We are SO glad you have found us. Because we truly believe in divine timing, and that you've found us just when you need this the most. 

We're not just any retreat team. We're passionate creatives and it's our mission fo unleash your full potential. The limitless potential we know you have in your level of happiness, fulfilment, and what you view as success.

We're here to top you back up with feel good vibes. To unleash your creativity and to help you to use your voice in the way you dream of.  

These days people talk a lot about work-life balance, but now it's time to put that into practice. With a sprinkle of bliss and a whole big dose of love. 

Let us help you get back into balance. 

Lots of love, 
Georgia & the Sancti team 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be on the retreat? This retreat is invitation only.  Which means the whole weekend is exclusively tailored for influential women like you, who are founders of their own personal brand, or business. Nobody quite gets it like you do! 

Can I bring a plus one? Yes plus ones are considered. However to confirm that your plus one has been accepted onto the retreat, please speak with a member of the Sancti team. 

Do I need to post on social media / provide content? No. Absolutely not! The whole idea of this retreat is to rejuvenate you and take you away from the constant pressures that come with being an influential woman. Yes work is important, but so is taking a break. You even can leave your phone at home if you like! 

Is there an itinerary? Yes. However we will not be releasing the itinerary until arrival and check in. This is to free you from planning and predicting what each session will be like, and to allow you to live fully in the moment!

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