Office yoga

Looking for ways to engage and retain your employees?

 Promoting wellbeing at work has proven to do just that, and more by bringing out the best in you & your people. 

Sancti takes a look at your business, and allows you to see the real opportunities for employee engagement and retention that depend on YOUR business.


Just contact us for a free consultation, and see the difference. 

Why listen to us?

Positive health and well-being activity in the workplace has lead to:
•   Better employee morale and engagement (44%)
•   A healthier and more inclusive culture (35%)
•   Lower sickness absence (31%).

Private yoga: small groups or one-to-one

Sammy, Paralegal London 

"I work a role that can be very demanding and stressful. Since having private yoga classes with Georgia, I've really managed to release stress and relax. I love that it's like a workout and relaxation at the same time."

Chris, Managing Consultant, London

"Georgia has introduced me to yoga & Voga. Her classes are great for me because I spend a lot of time running and training for marathons. It allows me to stretch properly and I've noticed such a great difference since I've been to Georgia's classes. I will recommend her to anyone who runs a lot!" 

Aliyah, Talent Acquisition, London


"I've had one-to-one yoga classes with Georgia for the past 9 months now & I absolutely love it! Georgia is really friendly and makes you feel at ease, she's always teaching me new tips and helping me to progress my practice"

Jake, Racing Driver, Leicester

"In between seasons it's really important for me to train a lot at the gym. I never really knew where to start when it came to stretching and Georgia's classes have helped me so much to reduce chances of injury. She makes tailored sessions depending on what you need which is perfect for me." 

Haseena, Recruitment Consultant, London

"I have one-to-one Voga sessions with Georgia each week. I love her technique and Voga is perfect for me because it feels more like a work-out! If there's ever something I'm unsure of, Georgia's always really re-assuring and I'd definitely recommend her." 

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