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10 Reasons Why a Solo Trip is One of the Best Things I've Done!

Driving from the UK to Ibiza was a scary decision to make, I was SO nervous ahead of the trip (dreading it and yes tears were shed...) but it turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done!! Here's 10 reasons why: 1. Solo trips are so underrated, I totally loved my own company and the freedom it gave me! I often recommend people book retreats as a solo trip as it's a great way to get into the idea of doing something for you. It felt so good to practice what I preach.

2. The Ferry from the UK > Spain is 99% retired folk

3. The retired folk on the ferry seemed so happy! They're chatting, full of life, relaxing and enjoying themselves. There's also an abundance of wine flowing on that Ferry trip! Is that why they're all so happy? I'm not sure... but it's a possibility 🍷

4. The day before I was filled with anxiety ahead of my trip. It's been a long time since I've felt that anxious, so it shook me... but I realised I needed that to bring me back to gratitude. I'd been surrounded by people saying they'd never do this kind of trip, talking about how difficult it would be. I got lost in my mind and questioned myself. Yet once I'd got myself on my solo trip it gave me perspective and reminded me how grateful I am to be in the drivers seat of my life, creating life on my terms regardless of how different it might look from an outsider's perspective when you do something different!

5. VIP is always better (thanks Anna Delvey for reminding me!) Jokes aside, I opted to choose a bigger cabin for the Ferry journey and really appreciated the space it gave me for my morning yoga! I also chose to eat at the restaurant on board which was such a great experience I'm really glad I did, and yes I treated myself to nice hotel stays along my road trip. If you can do this, I would definitely say it's worth spending a little more to enjoy your experience rather than rushing and sleeping in your car!

6. Catch sunset and sunrise! Otherwise, did you even do the trip?

7. Take your time to see the sights if you can! I visited Zaragoza's famous Bascilla "Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar" and ate brunch at a local cafe. Then I headed to Valencia and made sure to see the gardens as well as the Valencia Cathedral before heading to Denia to get my Ferry to Ibiza.

8. Make sure to call friends and family whilst on the road! I loved keeping them updated where I was on my trip and it kept me company on the longer parts of the trip.

9. Read inspiring books and podcasts! I had Brene Brown, Russell Brand, Steven Bartlett and Elizabeth Day join me on my road trip, which kept me feeling motivated and inspired.

10. Do things that put you out of your comfort zone!! This one is SO important. I felt uncomfortable with the whole idea of driving from the UK to Ibiza, and a big part of that was that I was going to be doing it solo! But I did it anyway, and I'm so glad I did. I felt uncomfortable driving around unknown Spanish cities, but I did it anyway... and I'm glad I did. It can be so tempting to stay in your comfort zone, but that's often the place where dreams and adventures get trapped and unrealised too...

Feeling inspired? Maybe it's time for you to book your solo trip for 2022 👀 To find out more about how you can book your own solo trip as a retreat, read here: UK Retreat, April 2022

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