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4 Elements To A Wellbeing Strategy That Works In 2022

Now more than ever it’s absolutely essential to support the wellness of your employees. At Sancti we've identified 4 elements that are key to a successful wellbeing strategy for 2022... (That doesn’t include all that wellness jargon, or the need for a fancy new app that measures everything you do in a day!)

In case you still need convincing… 83% of employees feel stress due to at least one thing in their workplace. However, of those who implemented wellbeing programs 56% had fewer sick days, 54% of workers stated that wellness programs boosted their morale, and 62% of employees who participated in wellness programs had lower healthcare costs.*

Long story short, the happier and healthier your employees are, the happier and healthier your business will be!

Honestly, it’s the best kept secret to business growth, and those who don’t invest in employee wellbeing will be left behind.

4 key elements to any successful wellbeing strategy:

Element 1: Growth Environment

Are your employees working in an environment that will intellectually and culturally allow them to grow? You can measure this by looking at your company values, or even getting together to create a brand new set of company values that feel real and authentic considering what we’ve all been through in 2022. Ask questions like: What do our employees need to feel they can grow intellectually?

What gives our employees a sense of purpose? Why do you do what you do? How do you support the cultural growth of your employees? A great way to support this environment of consistent growth is by organising regular coaching for teams and individuals!

Element 2: Engagement

Yes engagement is a huge buzzword in modern business, but it’s a HUGE part of business growth and success.

Often employee engagement is simply left to a survey that you’re desperately trying to get employees to take part in. Surveys can be really helpful, but this scratches the surface! The key to nailing down the best engagement strategy is to ask yourself how you involve employees in the bigger mission of the business. How are ideas communicated? How are employees able to take ownership of their own growth within the business? How are employees brought together to connect and communicate? Then it's time to implement. Which can include group coaching sessions which bring people together to boost employee communication and connection. Or go the extra mile and organise a company retreat!

Element 3: Mental Health and Motivation

Here’s something that consistently needs advocating in businesses. We’re all human and it’s important to understand that supporting mental health and motivation will be different for most people. This is why a varied approach is required to mental health support and motivating employees. Offering personal coaching once per month is a really good way to allow employees to have a personalised approach.

Other ways to do this can include organising group mindset and coaching sessions to boost connection within the business, or even regular yoga sessions or meditation sessions. It’s important to be stressed that this cannot be a tick box exercise. Apps can be helpful but we’re on our phones so often it doesn’t work for everyone, so a personalised approach to mental health support really needs to go beyond an app.

Element 4: Support and Inclusion

Support and inclusion can involve many aspects and is an integral part of any wellbeing strategy that will survive 2022 and beyond.

Promoting inclusion can involve various cultural training and diversity workshops. Though it’s essential to conduct some form of evaluation of the workplace in reality and how this looks and feels for both current employees and potential new employees who are applying for a role at your company.

Gaining employee feedback and feedback from successful and unsuccessful applicants is a great way to do this and seek areas to improve.

How Sancti Wellness can help:

Our uniquely designed GEMS Wellbeing Survey pinpoints key opportunities to boost your business' engagement and retention, showing exactly what your business needs to do to build the best culture, and accelerate business performance.

We identify this measuring the 4 key areas that are crucial to a high performing growth business.

Growth Environment


Mental Health & Motivation

Support & Inclusion

Following this, we can offer you a blend of the following wellbeing services depending on what your business requires. All of which are available either online or in person!


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