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Daily Habits To Improve Your General Wellbeing

Habits and General Wellbeing are not terms that normally inspire people to actually want to change their lives, but they really are integral for your overall performance.

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there when you’re lying in bed at 1am and suddenly want to get fit, eat healthier, call your grandparents more and everything else – but when you do finally wake up the next morning you’re wondering ‘What was I thinking? I don’t have time for that!’

That happens because in the morning you’re completely overwhelmed by what the end point of that change looks like, when you should be focusing on the tiny, daily, digestible steps.

So here are some of my favourite daily habits that have helped me improve my general wellbeing over the years.

1. Start Your Day With A Glass Of Water

It probably sounds so basic, but it is a really good one.

Everyone thinks they should be drinking more water and if you start your day off with that water you’ve started your day off with a win. It’s one of the easiest ways to segue into having more wins throughout the day.

From a scientific perspective, assuming you’ve got your eight hours in, your body hasn’t been hydrated in a QUARTER of a day. So, rehydrate those cells and start the day.

2. Open Your Curtains, Open Your Windows

Now, you don’t have to do this at the beginning of the day because it doesn’t matter when you do get fresh air, as long as you do.

This is especially important if you’re working from home, because you’re not getting that fresh air on your commute to work. You’ll even be surprised how cold air makes you feel in the Wintertime. Snuggle up with a blanket and let the day begin.

3. Journal, and Journal Often

Some people are adamant advocates of journaling in the morning, or the evening. But what if you’re too tired? Or not inspired? Keep a journal close to you and make a note of anything. Something that you need to remember, something you’ve just learned, something that made you happy, something that made you sad. Make your journal an extension of your brain to relieve all of the tension in your head and to sift through your thoughts in an orderly way.

4. Check Out An Astronomy Fact

I know this one is a little out there but this always helps me. Let me explain.

The universe is big, way bigger than you can even fathom. One of the ways I contextualise the things happening in my life is by checking out something about the big wide universe and realising how small things are. This doesn’t stop them from being hard, but somewhere a trillion light years away there is a star being born, or a galaxy being destroyed and it will help you take a deep breath and remember that anything happening in your corner of the earth is manageable.

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