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From London to Ibiza by car!

2 years since the UK was plunged into lockdown my life got turned upside down. But now I'm now packing my bags to Ibiza and taking my entire business with me…in the boot of my car!

Back in 2020, I quit my job in recruitment to set up my dream wellness business. I flew to Bali to train to become a yoga teacher, but before I knew it I was on a flight back to a locked down UK. I had to completely remodel my entire business plan. Before I knew it I was delivering yoga and wellness sessions to people through a computer screen…

Now, almost 2 years on and the majority of restrictions no longer in place I am travelling 1,400 miles to Ibiza to return back to normal life… at last!

A Tipi packed up for my yoga retreats, and dozens of yoga mats all piled on top of each other, I'm excited to say the least!

Ahead of a 45 hour drive, in the middle of the first UK heatwave of the year it’s really gave me time to reflect on the past years and how much the pandemic has impacted myself and those around me.

I never really imagined my life and business would take this change in direction, but the pandemic really showed me that if I wanted to chase my dream of living in Ibiza, then the best time is now! Over the past 2 years my life has completely transformed. Last year I was heartbroken and I quickly went from planning to buy a house and settle in the UK, to a completely different life path which meant pursuing my dreams of living in Ibiza. I never really thought it would happen… until I took the leap.

Since arriving in Ibiza I had heard so many horror stories of brits not being able to stay in Spain due to Brexit. People told me it would be impossible to get a visa in time. That I’d have to re-think my plans and the visa process was far too long to get it sorted in time.


The process was not straight forward and it’s been one of the most stressful periods of my life, but WOW look at how quickly things have fallen into place.

I’m so so grateful to have this opportunity to create a new life for myself, and hopefully inspire others to see what is possible for them too!

I am beyond grateful for all the support along the way, it’s already been a journey, but I’ve got a feeling this is just the beginning.

The pandemic has also shown us just how much value Sancti’s Wellness sessions have for those wanting to get the balance right on an immersive retreat, and for businesses looking to transform employee wellbeing.

Getting away from work to detoxify from the overwhelming situation that we have been stuck in and improve our mental well-being, retreats are truly the place to hit the refresh button on life and work! I think this whole experience has shown me just how important it is to step away from the never ending treadmill of life, email chains and deadlines... giving you the space and time to unleash a whole new level of potential in a blissful retreat setting!

It’s been a whirlwind of unexpected events, but here goes! Wish me luck for the next 45 hours... starting this weekend!

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