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Georgia's Update - Moving to Ibiza

Sooooo... if you have me on social media you'll probably already know this, but I did a BIG thing this year and in July I made the move to Ibiza!! Honestly I did NOT expect this and I'm probably just as surprised as you are 😅 Want to know how it all happened so fast? Read on my friend!

So let's re-wind to July 2021. At the beginning of the month, I was looking to buy a house with my then partner... By the end of our month, our relationship was over and I found myself looking to totally re-build my life. When you're with someone for a few years, I think it's quite normal that your lives merge, and ours certainly did! So it was daunting to think of leaving behind the home I'd worked so hard to make beautiful and full of love. BUT, as I always say... everything happens for a reason. Honestly, I had always dreamed of one day moving to Ibiza, but I just didn't know when. So when I realised I'd be starting a new chapter, Ibiza immediately came to mind. YES it was scary, and even though the sun shines a lot on this magical island, there's been some blood, sweat and tears getting to settle here (and I'm still not quire there yet). I think a lot of people wonder if it's really possible to move abroad and just start a new life for yourself, and honestly if you're one of those people I hope that this can show you just how possible it is! I had so many people asking me "what will your family say" "how will you make friends" "how will you move your business there"... but all of these "how" questions fall into place. What really matters is WHY. Why did I want to move to Ibiza? Well I've been visiting Ibiza for 7 years in a row on holiday's and honestly adored the island every single time. I work for myself now and I was craving a different lifestyle, relaxed, full of sunshine and a yoga haven, which is exactly what Ibiza is like!! - And also why I've chosen Ibiza as our next retreat spot for 2022 😍 Ibiza is also full of inspiring people. Everyone you meet has such an open heart and open mind, they've made a conscious choice to be here and so immediately there's a little something in common already. What I'm most inspired by here is the attitude towards life! Everyone is SO here to LIVE. To enjoy life, relax, connect with nature, and life isn't driven by work nearly as much as I found it in the UK. Don't get me wrong, I totally respect that life, and I had my fair share of years working the corporate London life if you will... but I've come to realise that as much as work is important, it's not the only thing I care about. So here I spend my days doing a solid few hours of inspired, motivated work, and giving myself mornings or afternoons off to explore beaches, chill with friends or just have a blooming well deserved lie in!! The story is certainly to be continued, but so far so good! If you've connected to this post, or want to reach out I LOVE hearing from you so please do! I"m always here, and you are never alone: PS - wanting to create more clarity in your life and career? Check this out.

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