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How A Work Coach Can Help You Navigate The Pandemic

If getting a work coach was popular before then it’s definitely exploded since 2020. With more uncertainty in all aspects of our lives, it is perfectly okay to need a little extra help managing the direction of your career. And if you’re thinking about joining

the many others who have also started their work coach journey then the pandemic is a better time to do it than any. Here are some reasons why:

They Can Ground You In Reality

Having a work coach can ground you in reality. In such an overwhelming time this is someone who you can trust and lean on through all of the madness. Work coaches meet so many people and have experience and expertise across industries to help you to create realistic goals for yourself.

Help You Tackle Impost Syndrome

Statistics published by HR News found that last year, around 85% of UK professionals struggled with imposter syndrome. And anyone who knows anything about struggling with imposter syndrome knows that sometimes it doesn’t matter how qualified you are or how good you are at your job, it can still be a daily battle. With a work coach, you don’t have to manage this on your own. Sancti work coaches don’t only focus on the recruitment aspect of your development but take a specific interest in your mental wellbeing too. And this includes supporting you to manage your imposter syndrome.

Having Someone Just To Focus on You

Community is amazing, and we all love to be part of something but we can’t work well in a system if we are not taking the time to ensure our personal wellbeing and happiness needs are met. The hardest part about adulting is that there is no one who can simply tell you what to do next or take care of you – but with a work coach you can reclaim all of the energy that you’re expending in your job search or promotion campaign. So you can really focus on your wellbeing throughout the process while someone simply takes care of you.

Interested in working with a Sancti Work Coach? Contact us today.

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