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How Team Retreats Can Help Your Team

Working from home, pillow days, mental health days, discounts at local businesses. There are so many ways that employers have been improving company culture, and the pandemic has only pushed us to have more conversations about the way that we work and how we live.

Team retreats have become one of the many new ways that employers are engaging their team members and improving work culture. So what exactly can this new practice do for your team?

It’s Fun

Is that too out there? Nobody wants to work somewhere that is completely miserable. Having fun at work makes the entire working experience so much better. In the simplest terms, the more fun your team members are having the more hits of serotonin and dopamine they get throughout the day.

Learn To Cooperate

One of the best aspects about planning a work retreat is getting to put together the roster of activities. And by combining fun activities with ones that require your team to work together and solve challenges, these skills will surely be reflected in the office. From learning each other's work styles to learning each other's communication styles, there are so many cooperation benefits that come from being on a team retreat.

Improve Communication

Generally speaking, team members only know each other within the context of their work space and this can make it difficult for them to empathise with one another. Facilitating relationships outside of this environment can help team members to connect with one another, empathise better and ultimately, support one another better.

Thinking of booking a work retreat? Get in contact with us here at Sancti, and build your retreat today. We offer packages that combine mental, physical and emotional wellbeing work to really help your team reset and have positive, progressive feelings towards their life and career.

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