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How To Be Productive AND Feel Good While Working From Home

The 5 Healthy "Work From Home" Habits that will transform your week: 1. As Soon As You Wake Up, Do You Something For Yourself before you pick up your phone.

Maybe read a book, go for a walk, whatever makes you feel good.

2. Open Your Windows, Even In The Winter.

We are spending so much time indoors and indoor air pollution such as dust dirt or gases is crucial to health and well-being.

The new fresh air will give you a boost trust me.

3. Move Your Body.

It could be as simple as some stretches at your desk, going for a walk, or anything to move your body and keep those creative juices flowing. In need of a real energising de-stress? Drop in for a class on the Sancti Online Studio! Try a Free Taster Session here.

4. Plan Breaks Into Your Day.

When you’re working on a big project, with multiple deadlines.. it’s easy to lose track of time. We've all been there and skipping breaks is a one way ticket to burnout. Schedule in a coffee break, catch up with a friend, or even some time to take a break from your screen and simply rest for five minutes.

It might feel strange but you’ll go back to work feeling 10 times better and way more productive.

5. Remove Distractions.

We can’t remove 100% of distractions, but set boundaries with things you know distract you! My biggest game changer has been leaving my phone in another room, especially when I've got a chunk of time I'd like allocate to getting something done.

What’s your best WFH tip? Share with me on Instagram @yogabygeorgia, or email me your thoughts to

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