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How to prioritise employee wellbeing during the pandemic

There's no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic is causing us to experience a dark cloud of doubt and uncertainty. One that we're still enduring almost 2 years on...

From a Mind 2020 survey, 65% of UK adults reported worse mental health as a result of the pandemic and 25% of people who tried to access NHS mental health services were unable to get support. It has tested the emotional limits of everyone, and the workplace has suffered to find a solution.

We're here to show you that there's light at the end of the tunnel... But you cannot wait for normal to return.

So here's how to prioritise employee wellbeing during the pandemic:

1. Make Wellbeing Available Online

With ever-changing rules and restrictions globally, it can be hard to plan in advance. Though one thing that we can know for certain is that online events will ALWAYS be able to continue. This is why it's essential to support employees wellbeing online in a personalised way... far beyond apps or typical wellbeing programs. We're talking about personalised support available for your employees to keep them accountable, and ensure that both personal and career progress / goals aren't put on hold due to the pandemic.

There are many highly skilled wellbeing professionals who are ready to help you make real, visible progress for employee wellbeing, engagement, and connection. Hiring professionals in the following fields to deliver online events, talks, and programs is the best place to start: - Mindfulness - Mental Health - Nutrition - Yoga - Meditation - Immune System Boosting / Natural Medicine - Human Design - Coaching

If you'd like to work with us, we can offer all of the above via our in house consultants and experts. Simply contact us to book your sessions now.

2. Prioritise Mental Health Support

There's a lot to be said for supporting people to STAY feeling good and healthy, especially when it's easy to turn up to work (or an online meeting) and say "I'm fine". You never really know what's happening behind the screen and it can be easy for people to hide how they're really feeling. Mental health support in the form of available counsellors and coaches is essential. But it could be as simple as offering an introduction to mindfulness or "someone to talk to" sessions available to book whenever someone might be feeling down. If this sounds something that could keep your business feeling good during uncertain times, contact us to book your sessions now.

3. Re-create Company Values

Let's be honest, the way we work has changed dramatically since 2020. Which is why it's so important to keep company values fresh and up to date. Allowing employees to come together and discuss company values and why you do what you do can be extremely motivating! You could put together a company values session for different teams, or even the whole company. As an example, at Sancti Wellness we looked at our core values and came up with these for 2022: Kindness - Everything we do should come from a place of kindness and genuinely making a difference to the people we work with Community - It's integral for us to feel like we're bringing people together, showing people they are not alone in their experiences and creating valuable connections. Focus - Focusing on our 3 key goals for 2022 is integral to ensuring we stay on track with our vision to bring wellness to the workplace and help people to dream big, take action and release their full potential. Fun - Life is for LIVING. Whether we're hosting a retreat or working within the corporate world, it's integral to us that we're able to bring joy, fun and laughter. Reminding people that life can feel lighter, and even effortless at times! We believe there's always a reason to smile, and make it our vision to create a focused, productive environment, with plenty of smiles.

If this resonated with you, or sparked some ideas for how you can continue to prioritise employee wellbeing during the pandemic, please do share with colleagues, family and friends! To get in touch about online wellbeing sessions available, contact

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