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It's 22.02.2022 & here's the significance of 2'sDay... on a Tuesday!

Today is 22.02.2022... One of the most significant dates we will experience in our lifetimes.

Looks cool right?! This is the end of a 222 sequence that started back in 2000, with other key years of 2002, 2020 and 2022.

We won’t see this sequence again until 2.022.2222 👀

Days like this don't happen often.

And if we look to the stars and planets? Well, on 22.02.2022, the US is making its first “Pluto Return,” meaning Pluto will be in the same place it was on July 4, 1776. The exact same date that the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence, announcing the colonies' separation from Great Britain.

Pluto is a planet of death and re-birth. Beginnings and endings. It symbolises upheaval and change. During the Pluto return of the US - many suspect will signal a major shift for the country.  This time "2's Day" is significant in many ways. It's a time for you to really make the most of. The number 2 is about balance, harmony, partnership, relationships, compromise, collaboration, and acceptance.

Then when you add 222 to the equation it becomes alignment. 222 is all about alignment and trusting your path!

You may find that things suddenly feel like they are coming together today, or perhaps the opposite, depending on how truly aligned you are with who you are, what you’re doing and who you came here to be. This theme will be present throughout the whole of 2022 due to its numerology, but today is a significant opportunity to tap into your power.

This is a time to be radically honest with yourself and ask yourself: what you are doing to hold yourself back & how you can release this!

Things might have been feeling challenging or confusing so far this year in 2022, and that’s because the arrow needs to be pulled back before it can be shot forwards 🏹

You are headed somewhere amazing, but you must trust your path.

You must let go of anything that is no longer aligned with you however hard that may feel.

Remember you are always supported, this is also a great time to ask for help, and assess where in your life you can bring the balance back ⚖️

This kind of opportunity doesn’t come around often 2️⃣

So what can you do today to make the most of all these 2's?!

Meditate, use the journaling prompts at the end of this post, set some intentions, or do some yoga today. (Here's a link to my YouTube for some yoga sessions)

There is a call to approach life with more compassion, to seek better balance, to work cooperatively with others, to seek partnership when you can and strive for harmony. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

How can you improve?

How are you holding yourself back?

How can you release stress that you're holding onto?

Where can you ask for help?

When do you feel most alive and how can you do more of that?

What partnerships do you value in your life?

What opportunities do you need to take action on?

If this post interested you, maybe you will like our upcoming "Mindset Mastery" Session on the 1st March. It's totally free! Sign up here.

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