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The 4 Step Method to the Time, Money & Freedom You Deserve

During the Career Clarity Webinar, I shared with you the 4 Step Method to Time, Money and Freedom that you really deserve in your life. Don’t worry...If you missed it, you can watch it here! But here’s a snapshot overview: Step 1: Create Calm

Step 2: Create Clarity Step 3: Create Time & Freedom Step 4: Accountability & Guidance This method really is IT! It’s what made me feel confident and secure in every decision I’ve made since leaving my job and setting up my own business. But I’d be lying if I said I did it on my own. Step 4, meant getting a coach. This really was what made the difference for me.

It was the difference between an idea in my head, and making it a reality.

It was the difference between feeling lost and overwhelmed thinking “have I made the right decision?”, “am I on the right track?”, “will this really work?”....

To feeling confident and inspired to take the action that needed to happen to make my business come to life. With the help of working with my coach, in my first year of business I managed to:

  • Host 2 Yoga Retreats

  • Create an Online Yoga Studio over lockdown

  • Take My Own Certification in Holistic Coaching Methods

  • Move to the Place of My Dreams (Ibiza!)

But I’m not the only one! The more I looked into coaching, the more I realised that pretty much every person that we view as “successful”, has a coach too! The thing is, successful people know how to ask for help. They know not to go alone, especially when it matters the most. Cristiano Ronaldo still works with a coach to continue being a world class footballer. Barack Obama still worked with a coach throughout his presidency. Oprah Winfrey still works with a coach to continue as one of the most successful people in the Entertainment industry. Bill Gates even said “people are never good at seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps." For me, having a coach allowed me to learn mindset tools and methods to catch me out when I was procrastinating or making excuses. So that I could get out of my own way.

Typically, as any human being, I have always struggled with change. Especially when my long term relationship broke down at during the same time period, I really wasn’t sure how I’d cope.

But throughout this process, my mindset was changing and I started living more authentically. I had a life where I’d be working on something I’m SO passionate about, and it gave me meaning and purpose to my life. This meant that when it came to navigating the changes of my business, relationship, and moving to a new country… my stability became my passion. That’s something that I realised could be a constant in my life and was in my control. Now, feeling good really is a part of my routine and something I feel in control of. I have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world on my own schedule. I’m passionate about what I’m doing so I’ll work hard because it’s what I enjoy! But I also have the ability to take days, weeks, even months off when I feel like it to re-fill my cup, do things I enjoy and ultimately to look after myself.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that when I look after myself and spend more time doing things I enjoy, the work I do is far more inspiring and enjoyable than if I tried to force myself to work all hours.

The perspective I get from working with a coach is so valuable. Which is why it’s so important to me to be able to be that person for you.

It’s time to dream big, take action, and release your full potential.

You CAN do this.

If you’re wondering what it would be like to try coaching, my diary is open.

I work with action takers and people who are committed to making positive changes in their lives.

If that’s you, book a free call with me to see whether coaching might benefit you or not when it comes to living your own dream!

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