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The Key To Making A Change In Your Life

You're here because you want to make a change right? First, you need to know more about what change you'd like to make. Answer each of the following questions in your head, or maybe write down your answers to really get you thinking. Write whatever comes into you head first for each question: 1. What is it you'd like to change? 2. Why do you want to make that change? 3. What will happen IF you make that change? 4. What will happen if you do NOT make that change?

The thing that will STOP you from changing your lifestyle is your mindset. Let's take the example of someone looking for a healthier lifestyle and wanting to do yoga every day. First of all can you imagine life if you did yoga three times per week? (Or whatever you want to change). When would you do yoga? In the morning? In the evening? What times exactly? Then once you've decided this, start in small steps. For the yoga example you could start once per week. Then once you've been doing yoga for 1 day per week for a while, bump it up to 2 days, 3 days etc.. but don't rush it! You could spend a whole year at the first step and that would be a success!

You've imagined how your life could be, now what's stopping you from making that change in your life? As humans, we like to operate from our comfort zones. We are not pleasure seeking creatures, we are discomfort avoiding. This is known as the pleasure principle in psychology, which means: 1. We want to avoid pain / discomfort 2. We want to pursue pleasure

What's REALLY interesting about this is that we are far more driven to avoid pain / discomfort than we are to seek pleasure! Ask yourself, how do you respond to stress in your life? Do you avoid it somehow? How do you avoid it? What are your unhealthy habits? (We all have them!) Once you know more about how you avoid making that change in your life, you'll learn how to make the change lasting and sustainable for YOU!

Stress, pain avoiding and the fear of failure.

As humans we hate to feel failure. In order to make a change in your life you NEED to fail. Failure is your best friend! Why? Because you can’t be successful in making your changes until you start making mistakes.

You need to fail. You need to feel awkward and kiss a lot of frogs in order to be successful. Once you start to see failure as a stepping stone towards making the changes you want in your life, towards achieving your goals, you are more likely to take action! But.. if you see failure as awful. If you continue to avoid failure and feel useless whenever you do fail... then you are probably going to stay in your comfort zone. Growth doesn't come from comfort zones, neither does change. All great achievements are the result of many small achievements and small changes, small actions that you take in your life and small habits your form.

As a result of failure you gain valuable feedback towards something better. Towards that change that you want to make in your life.

So don't be afraid to stumble and fall. See failure as a great thing! You should be most of afraid of not failing at a yoga pose, not "doing it wrong".

Because it's there that you're most unlikely to grow and progress.

I would LOVE to hear your experience with making changes in your life? What you find helps you, and your own personal techniques. Message me on Instagram @yogabygeorgia, comment below, or maybe even share in our Whatsapp group to inspire your fellow Sancti community! Lots of love and light, Georgia xxx

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