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Sancti's Top Tips For Keeping Remote Staff Engaged

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

To lockdown or to not lockdown, who knows the answer to that question anymore?

With the constant uncertainty around working in the office or working from home, many CEOs, directors and team leaders are making the decision to stick to working from home for now – to provide team members with some stability.

And while working from home has its many perks this doesn’t change the fact that you can’t replicate team spirit or camaraderie in your living room.

So here are some tips for keeping your staff engaged.

Let Them Set Their Own Schedule

And pay attention to it. It might seem strange but the best way to maintain control is to relinquish some of it. At the end of the day, what matters is that your team hands in their work on time and at a good standard. It’s important that team leaders don’t presume that working life at home can be as structured as it is in the office. Be compassionate towards their time and the way that their ability to work the traditional work day may be affected by simply being at home.

Put Check-Ins In The Calendar

So many things might be going on at home, and while the office is normally the space that grounds employees in their “work brain”, team members might need a little more push while working from the potential discomfort of home. Check-ins allow you to manage your expectations of your team at this time.

Take Time To Celebrate Progress

When you’re not together, bouncing off each other's energy in the office and giving regular verbal updates, it can feel like you’re not making any progress at all – but this is probably not the case. Taking time at the end of each week to acknowledge all of the progress that has been made by individuals and project teams will help to shatter this illusion and keep everyone motivated and moving towards their goals. Celebrating progress allows you and your team to realise how far you've already come, and to boost motivation to set and achieve new goals! Try one of our fun filled "Cocktail Yoga Sessions" for a celebration with a twist! Enquire here.

Planning e-Activities

One of the things to emerge during the pandemic is e-activities, team socials that take place from the comfort of your own home – and without the extortionate prices of the pub. You simply give everyone license to jump on a call from their home, with their own drinks and plan a night of fun. Quizzes, games and challenges. You can bond from home now!

Book A Wellness Session!

One of the ways that you can address how engaged your team members are is by bringing wellness directly into the workplace. Sancti’s Workplace Wellness allows you to get a tailored quote for your team size and your preference for yoga, mindset coaching and meditation sessions. Team members can work closely with our in-house coach to focus-in on things that might be stopping their progress or disrupting their happiness at work. Investing in your team members in this way can improve overall satisfaction at your company, and improve engagement.

Find out more about Workplace Wellness today!

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