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What are Oracle Cards? Why use Oracle Cards? What can they do for me?

I've been using oracle cards daily for just over 2 years now. Personally I find Oracle Cards one of the quickest routes to inner guidance, clarity and intuition. But what are they really?

My Oracle Story

I first came across oracle cards during my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in Bali. I had no idea about what they were or how to use them, but one of my new YTT friends was sharing a deck that she had with a few of us and I was instantly fascinated. So, as soon as I returned from Bali I ordered the Work Your Light Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell. I adored the artwork and was ready to learn more about the cards. In the introduction to Oracle Deck's they explain what the cards can be used for and why. It emphasised that "if you want a 6 pack you need to train abs, the same goes for your soul" - It needs training and work to unlock your inner guidance! That's exactly what the cards are for. They're just one of many methods that are tools to help you to tap into your own inner knowledge and guidance. But it's a two way thing, the more you give the more you get. Now one of my favourite things to do is offer personalised oracle card readings for anyone who is looking for clarity and guidance. Whether that be to do with your relationships, career, personal journey, life or family circumstances. Oracle cards can be a great way to get out of your head and start making aligned decisions that feel great, based on what really matters to you.

The Power of Oracle Cards

Shortly after I'd started using my first deck to connect with my own intuition I started to do readings for my friends too. I was overwhelmed with how impactful the cards were for my friends!

Often my friends would have a totally new realisation, there would often be tears but not of sadness, tears of compassion and understanding. Almost like a feeling of relief that they are finally able to be at peace with where they are in their life and have clear direction on the next best step for them.

It was amazing and inspiring to watch and it inspired me to start using oracle cards with my clients too. Now I offer oracle readings online and in Ibiza for anyone looking for this guided experience.

People are often shocked at how "fitting" the oracle cards are for them. Especially if they "don't believe" in anything other than what they can physically see. But there is guidance out there for us all, because it's not really "out there" it's innately inside of us. We already have all of the answers within us. This is just a clear message to help us see the answers clearly and listen to our own inner knowledge. Inner knowledge that in a fast paced modern world can often be silenced or neglected. This doesn't have to be some wishy washy spiritual concept. It can be as simple as becoming quiet in a fast paced modern society, taking the time for yourself to step off the treadmill of life so that you can consider what you really want, and whether there's any areas of your life that you'd like to readjust. Oracle cards can be anything from as simple as a prompt, or as spiritually profound as you choose. They don't come loaded with forced concepts, rather they offer a variety of questions and prompts for you to ask yourself in order to find your own answers that feel true to you (regardless of what belief you may or not have about life).

Different Oracle Card Decks

Specifically the Work Your Light Oracle was designed to allow you to hear your intuition more clearly, and align your life to who you really are deep down. I personally see this deck as a great deck to connect and align you with your innate talents and what you really want from your life. When I look at the next deck I was gifted by a friend: Moonology Cards by Yasmin Boland, it shares that this deck was designed to tap into the Moon's ancient feminine wisdom and to create, design and adapt your life for clear guidance and direction on where you want to take your life. I personally see this deck as a great deck for clear, specific answers to a question you may have about your life.

The next deck I invested in was the Divine Feminine Oracle Deck by Meggan Watterson. I was inspired by a retreat I attended. This oracle is designed to remind us through our own life experiences and inner guidance that love is the force that renders us all equal. To help you to strengthen your ability to hear your soul and to connect you with the abundance of fierce love within you. I personally see this deck as a great way to tap into what type of wisdom I'm needing in my life right now. It's also very educational as it shares ancient stories from saints, poets, priestesses, and more.

Then the Rumi Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild came into my life. I immediately found this deck extremely profound in terms of its depth and wisdom. Each card includes a short excerpt from a Rumi poem, which gives the deck a really special feel. The deck is designed to bring deep inner guidance and healing. I personally see this deck as a great deck to deepen your inner journey, discover true clarity that comes from the heart, acknowledge, and appreciates the depths of who you really are. An invitation into the heart of the divine.

How to Use Oracle Cards

Now that you have an idea about what oracle cards can do and the different types of decks that are available out there, the best thing to do is to have your own personal reading. You can do this by booking online or in Ibiza with me (Georgia) at Sancti Wellness. Or maybe you can find someone local to you who offers oracle readings! Once you've had your first reading you can decide to get regular readings, or even start using your own oracle deck. One thing that can be really great to do is to do yourself a reading and journal about which cards you pull. I absolutely love doing this to see different stages of my life visually in my notebook. It also really helps with decision making! I hope you've found this useful and that you enjoy your oracle card journey! Have fun with it, there's so much to learn and enjoy along the way. If you really enjoyed this please share with your friends and family, or even write me a message: to let me know about your journey. I also include oracle readings at every Sancti Wellness Retreat. Enjoy! Georgia

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