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What Are Retreats?

You’ve almost definitely heard of them before – otherwise, why else would you be here? But whether you’re thinking about booking a retreat for yourself or for your team this year, it’s really important that you understand what a retreat really is, so that you can get the most out of your experience.

So What Is It?

People often associate a retreat with checking out, detoxing and disappearing for a period of time to recuperate and while it can include these elements, it's important that retreats are viewed as an opportunity too. So many people are taking time out to get away from it all and work very seriously on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Some retreats offer therapy for those dealing with trauma and others might have controlled diets for those trying to get back in shape.

Why Even Do It?

Stepping away from your routine can really help you to not get caught up in the stressors of your day to day, and gain loads of perspective on your life. The physical distance from your normal life can help to grant you perspective on what has been happening, how you are coping and ways that you can improve. You can truly reflect on everything when you have taken a step back.

Breaking routine can also help you to appreciate your routine. So many things in our lives are possible because we have repetitive cycles. Switch it up a little and you might find out just how much you rely on that routine.

Sancti Retreats

For businesses looking to see employee confidence and connection flourish, and unleash a whole new level of potential. With the high speed, high demand of modern life, it's easy to get caught up in never ending email chains, zoom calls and deadlines, and ever since the pandemic, you're left questioning whether you really can bring the human side back into business?

Throughout this weekend you will have the opportunity to bring your team back together, build real connections and unlock new fresh perspectives and ideas.

You'll have the opportunity to step away from the never-ending treadmill of life and truly give yourself and your team a chance to revive and thrive!

Thinking about booking a retreat? Find out more about Sancti Retreats today.

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