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Yoga: Morning, Noon Or Night?

If there’s one thing that the pandemic should have taught us is that your routine can be disrupted at any moment, but that shouldn’t mean your health has to.

So whether the pandemic has you readjusting or you’re interested in switching up what you already do, here are some things to consider about the times while you work that calendar.


Morning yoga allows you to set the mood for the day. With yoga's proven improvement of stress, depression and anxiety, this isn’t a bad way to set the tone for a great day. Cortisol, the stress hormone, tends to be higher in the morning, no doubt because of the horrific iPhone alarm shocking us out of sleep. The conscious breathing techniques are perfect for realigning the oxygen in your blood and reducing all of that stress that you woke up with.

It’s also great for your mood to mark off one of your obligations right at the beginning of the day, to give you a boost of confidence. This meditative time is also a great time to set your intentions for the day. Finally, you might have something that makes you feel good to look forward to in the morning.


Yoga is known to improve your mental clarity and when is a better time than in the middle of the day when you’ve finally pushed through the morning brain drudge. Considering you may have eaten too, the extra stretching and breathing technique will help to reduce bloating and keep your digestive system on track.

Bonus point: the extra adrenaline from working out will help you beat sugar cravings later in the day, so you’re not eating out of boredom.

Go back to work after lunch feeling as energised as you would on the last hour on a Friday.


Research from 2019 has shown that yoga and other mindfulness activities can improve the symptoms of insomnia. And it’s no wonder. After a long and potentially hard day it is important to calm both your mind and your body. Yoga will enable you to get your stretches in and physically relax your body while meditative breathing and focusing techniques can enable you to calm your mind.

Now, you’re ready for some quality sleep.


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