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2024 Magnetic Strategy

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Post a Linkedin or Instagram post sharing your biggest takeaways from our workshop!

Tag me @georgiastjohnsmith so that I can see it and your name will be put in for a random draw to win a free 60 min coaching call with me! 

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The Sancti Minimind!! 

For those of you who are serious about implementing your strategy with all the tools, methods and techniques I use, this is your invitation into the Sancti Minimind! 

£111 Early Bird Discount! 



by Georgia St John-Smith

The Magnetic Success Minimind

The 2 week minimind for founders who are ready for a success that feels easeful and magnetic!

It's time to magnetise your success so that you can increase your income and impact without the stress, burnout and constant worrying about the millions of things on your mind.

This minimind isn't for everyone. It's for founder who is determined to make a positive impact, without sacrificing their health. 

It's for the woman who is done with trying to fit herself into a man's world and is ready to finally harness the power of being a woman on a mission! 

You're talented and you've tasted success. 

But you find yourself burning the candle at both ends, trying to do all the things you're "supposed to do" to be successful, and you're exhausted. You're proud of how far you've come, but you know that you're capable of a life that feels easeful, joyful, and truly serves you day in day out. 

Because you know that it's not just about the 6 or 7 figure business. It's about the life that creates and the impact you can make at that level! 

You can't help but feel glued to your laptop and phone feeling like you've got to churn out content in order to get results. 

Deep down you know that with a few tweaks, you're fully capable of the freedom to take lusciously long holidays without feeling guilty for not working 24/7. 

If you're ready to attract your dream clients, and become magnetic. Hit 6 figures in your business. Have an expert giving you feedback on the nuances of your strategy for increased income and impact. To learn what it takes to go from stressed out to magnetic, all whilst you're sipping your morning coffee, getting your nails done, or on your way to yoga. 

Prepare to be blown away by the truth behind the little changes that mean the difference between stressed out making decent money, and fully relaxed, confident and magnetic making 6 figures and beyond. 

You might not believe in this level of freedom.

In the ability to run the business of your dreams, fully relaxed and inspired.

Working max 7 hours per day, having the freedom to travel when you want, live in your dream location, and enjoy the journey. All whilst making a positive impact on this planet through your business! 

Let me show you. 

If you're ready to become a magnet for your dreams in 2024, this minimind coaching group is for you! 

With a blend of daily voice note coaching in our private Telegram group, Zoom trainings, and mini easily to implement strategies for your mindset, business and soul, this is going to raise the bar for you! 

You will learn: 

  • How to show up magnetic and confident, daily. 

  • Strategies for the best ways to attract clients 

  • Systems & strategies to give you the freedom to travel whilst earning 6+ figures

  • Mindset rituals that change the game 

  • How to hold more money with less stress

IMG_4083 2.JPG
IMG_4085 2.JPG
IMG_5420 2.JPG

I am so excited to share THE secret that I’ve used to go from a stressed out high achieving woman with my emotions all over the a woman who harnesses her feminine qualities of empathy, creativity and confidence to run my dream business with freedom and spaciousness.

The juicy deets: 

  • Daily broadcasts on topics that every woman wanting to run a business without stress or emotional burdens needs to hear. I'll be sharing a new insights every single day that you won't find anywhere else! So that you can step towards fulfilling your hearts desires, create impeccable boundaries and start showing up with a magnetic and irresistible confidence in your business and personal life.

  • Private telegram channel for questions for 2 weeks, you're never be left in the dark and have me in your back pocket to support & help you level up

  • 2 x Group Coaching Zoom Calls (24th and 31st Jan)

  • Ready to go rituals that are essential for female founders

  • An intimate group of inspiring women in biz by your side

IMG_5437 2_edited.jpg

Here's what my clients say: 

Natalia landed her dream job with and moved to her dream city in just 6 months of  The Sancti Method!

"6 months ago I could only have dreamed of where I am today.

This has totally opened up my eyes and mind to the possibilities in life. It's helped me to tap into my best self (beyond what I knew existed), and allowed me to create clarity, purpose and a sense of direction in life.

I couldn't recommend Georgia enough! - Once you've worked with her, you'll know what I'm talking about." @nataliabatex

testimonial the sancti method

Nina said she has never felt so inspired before... Listen to this!!

"Georgia just has so much wisdom and coaching abilities that I didn't expect.


She's unreal, and the impact she has on everybody regardless of background, age, career, is incredible. I don't think I've ever rested as much.


I feel relaxed, enlightened and inspired. It is pretty life changing, but you'll never know unless you experience it yourself. So do it! Is what I would say." @ninacbrooks 


The daily broadcasts helps it be so easy for you consume as you're getting your nails done, on your morning walk or cooking dinner but let's be real what a woman at your level truly desires is a room full of equals, we have the two group coaching calls for connection & mentoring.

WHEN? We start 22nd JAN

Imagine heading into 2024 knowing that you have the tools to be running your business with the strategies and rituals that make ease, flow and confidence the norm in your world!


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