Experiences worth listening to


"As a writer I literally get paid to put feelings into words, but it feels almost impossible to summarise the phenomenal experience I have had during this retreat" 

"One of the biggest learns of the retreat has been to feel rather than to think, to push logic aside, follow my gut (which is exactly what I did when we decided to book the retreat!) + trust" 

"A sense of calm is hard for me to come by so it feels incredible. I'm hoping to integrate what I learnt on the retreat so I can bring that feeling into my life more often." 

"I'm hugely grateful for all the fascinating knowledge I got to soak up in workshops, conversations, for the stunning scenery beautiful yoga sessions, and all that fantastic food. Most of all I am grateful for the new family I have found in everyone at the retreat. Boss level friendship with a group of people who proved everyday that openness, vulnerability and hope are all amazing strengths."


"The collective energy that we have generated on this retreat is unwordly. What a special connection."

"I felt like this was a fast track for so many things I have been working on overcoming in life. Every conversation was laced with the possibility of creating a synapse." 

"I have already started my integration and am excited for all the progressions we will all have after this!! Let's gooooo"

Karla and Gurpal


"Thank you for a wonderful few days. It was better than I'd expected and different than any retreat I've been on before!" 

"I am still processing the information that came to me, but I know the period of change I'm currently experiencing is a positive thing. I am unsure whether I'm in a period of expansion or connection or possibly both but I trust the universe will unfold exactly the way it is supposed to. 

The unaimed arrow never misses! 

I wish you all well on your own beautiful journeys and am sure our paths will cross again."



"Does anyone else feel like a different person at work today?! I was so stressed out before the retreat and on reflection was being a little short and snappy with some of my colleagues. I was probably performing at 60% of what I am actually capable of. 

I literally feel so cool, calm and collected coming back to work today. I love seeing the effects of the retreat play into every day life!