Want to make a change?

Are you ready to replace stress and discomfort with the feeling of contentment and bliss?

To bring wellness into your lifestyle in a way that really suits you? 
(Not the way they tell you it should be done)

Is this you?

  • You’re a high achiever, looking to boost your lifestyle, but right now you feel stuck

  • You’re looking to learn how to still do an amazing job, without sacrificing your health and lifestyle

  • You are not sure where to start with your own wellness routine

  • You've tried bringing movement into your lifestyle, but you're not seeing the results you're looking for

  • You are fed up of the screen time and it feels that right now it’s impossible to turn your lifestyle around

  • You know deep down that you can be calm and productive

Imagine if?

  • You could feel confident in your role and your wellness routine. So that you can find motivation even on the hardest of days!

  • You could leave the stress, frustration and dread behind. So that you can sleep well and feel refreshed.

  • You knew the formula to creating the perfect wellness routine for you. So that you can enjoy life to it's fullest and be your best most productive self!

  • You could do yoga and meditation with ease and confidence and feel like a pro

  • You could understand how to bring calm into your daily life

  • You could be the best version of you for your family, friends, colleagues and the world! 

The Why of Yoga

The answers you've been looking for! 

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Yoga Transformation

Copy of Copy of Sancti Corporate Wellbei

Time to transform

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The Why of Yoga 

6 Week Transformational Program

Accessible Yoga Classes 

Breath Work Sessions 



Week 1: Why do we practice yoga? Introduction to the key yoga concepts, what really is yoga? Why is it so good for you? Then learn how to bring yoga into your lifestyle.

Week 2: Learn how to bring yoga into your morning routine, the best yoga moves to start your practice with and why morning yoga is so beneficial to your mind and body health. 

Week 3: Learn how to bring calm into your day (no matter how stressful), with yoga breathing techniques. Unpick the first yoga poses for a Sun Salutation sequence. 

Week 4: Learn how to bring yoga into your evening routine, the best yoga poses for relaxation and sleep. Unpick the science behind restorative yoga that has been proven to help to counteract the toxic effects of chronic stress by slowing breathing rate, relaxing muscles, and reducing blood pressure.

Week 5: Learn how to bring grounding and connection through yoga. Why we practice yoga in groups and the benefits of practiging yoga together! 

Week 6: Learn how to create your own mini daily yoga practices that suit you and your lifestyle. Bringing all of your learnings from yoga moves, science and philosophy to create transformation! 

Ready to find your path to calm?

The Why of Yoga 6 Month Program



  • 6 Group Coaching Calls & Modules (£2000 VALUE)

  • Unlimited 24/7 Support in Private Facebook group (£1000 VALUE)

  • Weekly Yoga Sessions for 6 months (£360 VALUE)

  • Weekly Meditation Sessions for 6 months (£360 VALUE)

RRP: £3,720 total 


£730 total / £135 per month 

Early Bird Price if you sign up this week only (deadline Sunday at midnight!)

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Frequently asked questions

I'm not flexible, is this for me?

YES. We welcome total beginners and we welcome you however you are. Even if you feel like you're the stiffest person on Earth, we are here to show you how to relieve that tension and bring stretching into your life in a way that suits you, taking it at your own pace.

I've never tried yoga before, can I join?

Yes! This is the perfect way to start yoga, and really embed it into your lifestyle. We will take you step by step so that you'll be confident practicing yoga before you know it!

I do yoga quite a lot, what will I learn?

Amazing! Practicing yoga is the first step on your pathway to calm!

We will share with you the reasons behind each of the yoga poses you do, so that you can build upon your existing knowledge with confidence.

You will also learn how to bring yoga into your daily life without having to carve out a whole hour of your time!

PLUS tonnes of nuggets of yoga wisdom and inspiration along the way from Tony and Georgia

How does it work?

Once you've signed up and chosen whether you're paying in total or monthly:

1. You will be invited to our exclusive Why of Yoga Facebook Group.
2. You will be given the links to our weekly Yoga and Meditation Sessions to keep you on top of your game (on Zoom) 3. You will be given exclusive access to the Monthly Why of Yoga Coaching Sessions (on Zoom) where you can learn more about the yoga philosophy, moves and amazing benefits.

4. You will be given exclusive and unlimited support from Georgia and Tony with any questions you have along the way!