Wellness at Work

Looking for fresh ways to energise, engage and look after your employees?

Promoting wellbeing at work (and online!) has proven to drive growth,
by bringing out the best in you & your team


What are the stats?

Positive health and well-being activity in the workplace has lead to:

  • Better employee morale and engagement (44%)

  • A healthier and more inclusive culture (35%)

  • Lower sickness absence (31%).


What do employees actually say?

  • 61% admit they experience burn out

  • 31% report extremely high stress levels

  • Anxiety and depression have led to 1 trillion in productivity losses globally

3 step forumla


Sancti will work with you to identify the unique opportunities to boost employee engagement and wellness within your business.


Unique Solution. 
You get to choose which online sessions suit you. Together, we create your own blend of unique sessions. Whether that be a stretch at your desk, meditative yoga,  or an energy boosting workout. ALL tailored to your company goals. 


Your team will feel more connected than ever, driven towards a collective goal and motivated both professionally and personally. 

Success stories

The transformation you've been looking for! 

Company Membership

Bringing the bliss to your company, live and on demand!

What's included?

  • Unlimited Access to all live classes 

  • Over 100 classes on demand

  • Calming meditation sessions every week

  • Easy to follow yoga classes 3x per week

  • Motivational mindset session every week

  • 1-2-1 advice and mentorship

Talk through your company wellness goals
Choose your wellness goals:

Sammy, Paralegal

"I work a role that can be very demanding and stressful. Since having private yoga classes with Georgia, I've really managed to release stress and relax. I love that it's like a workout and relaxation at the same time."

Chris, Managing Consultant

"I do a lot of running outside of work. When it comes to stretching I never really knew where to start. These sessions have helped me so much to reduce injuries, and I feel so much better afterwards. " 

Sariat, Supply Chain

"I've had one-to-one yoga classes with Georgia for the past 9 months now & I absolutely love it! Georgia is really friendly and makes you feel at ease, she's always teaching me new tips and helping me to progress my practice"


Class Menu

Online Classes via Zoom (or your chosen video streaming provider) 
Stretch at Your Desk / Work Station (10 mins) 

Cocktail Yoga (40-60 mins fun evening session)

Bliss to a Beat Yoga (25-45 mins Yoga to Music); really lifting spirits! 

Energy Boost Yoga (10-20 mins)

Meditative Yoga for Clarity and Focus (10-20 mins) 

Sweat, Tone and Sculpt Workout (20-40 mins)

Stretch Don't Stress (20-40 mins)


Start your day meditation (10 mins)

Lunch break boost (10 mins)

Calming meditation (10 mins)

Meditation for focus (10 mins)

Mindset Mastery

60-90 mins sessions focused on ​bringing the best out of your and your workforce by transforming your mindset! 

Classes below are suggestions, these can be tailored to suit you and your company goals.


Building healthy habits to get even more productive

Getting rid of your to do list

Giving yourself "you time"

Ditching procrastination


Available upon request (tailored to your group, and length of time)

Email: georgia@sancti.co.uk for details.