Imagine being able to have a happy, motivated and resilient workforce, while growing and sustaining your business, reaching what you're really capable of, being confident that you and your employees are truly fulfilled, all without the need for expensive consultants...

how would you like a smooth and simple transition to guide you there?
Especially if you…
  • Want to discover the heights you and your business are capable of, and how to retain and attract the best talent in your industry

  • Want to create a space for your employees to build confidence and rhythm, leaving them feeling happy and fulfilled

  • Are ready to free up the time for HR and management to become more streamlined and save money

  • Are ready to see the results in improved wellbeing and mindset within weeks 

a launchpad to transform the wellbeing of your workspace

Suzanne Prince, Relate 

You were a fundamental part of supporting Relate Leciester when we were all learning to cope with new ways of working during lockdown. Thank you very much, we really appreciated your positive vibes and looking forward to continuing to work with you! 


Thrive & Fly is a movement and group coaching membership for values-led businesses to boost employee happiness, mental wellbeing, and accelerate talent attraction as a result.

It’s for conscious leaders like you who know that you care about your employees, but need support in creating the ultimate wellbeing experience.


It's for businesses who ready to implement the best coaching principles, mindset frameworks, and movement techniques, to guarantee employee happiness.

Support your employees in a way that feels impactful and aligned to your business. When your employees are at their best, your business will be too.

thrive & fly method

the 3 pillars for accelerated, happy employees
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interactive movement sessions

Give your team a real energy boost, with live, personalised yoga instructors guiding you every step of the way 
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group mindset coaching

Carve out dedicated time for personal development, watch as your team unlock the best versions of themselves and thrive!
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1-2-1 mental wellbeing coaching

Provide a safe space for your employees to talk to a coach and prioritise their mental wellbeing
a sneak peak at what you get
revive & thrive growth accelerator

revive your body and mindset in this dedicated 4 week accelerator, a blend of yoga and coaching.


discover how to unlock your full potential and move blocks so that you can thrive in our dedicated group coaching sessions.

immerse yourself in yoga sessions designed to de-stress and revive the body, blended with powerful strengthening sessions.

this course was updated in summer 2021, so it’s fresh and tackles the situations that present themselves in a post-2020 world.

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balance calm & productivity

get clear on how to blend calming techniques with your own productivity toolset.

leave the stress behind and unleash your firecracker potential in this dedicated 4 week program, a blend of yoga and coaching.

immerse yourself in relaxing yoga sessions designed to calm you mind, blended with more powerful strengthening sessions to boost creativity!

confidence & resilience booster

a magnificent 4 week course on building confidence and resilience, using a blend of yoga, meditation and coaching techniques.

here you will find the tools to smash your limiting beliefs, get aligned to your desire, work through your mental blocks, and build confidence and resilience with ease. 

hit re-set on your mindset and surpass even your own expectations!

the best part...

you will have expert guidance directly from Georgia & Becky in LIVE, personalised coaching calls, showing you real progress every single month!

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the thrive & fly membership isn’t that ‘we'll leave-you-to-it', ‘app-only' nonsense.

we recognise that all business are different, you need unique guidance and smooth implementation

Georgia & Becky will personally guide you through:
  • Our unique GEMS framework that brings the best out of your employees.

  • The mindset shift that will help your employees to de-stress, and step into who they need to be to reach their own personal goals (without a shred of burnout!)

  • All you need to know about using yoga and meditation as a part of your balanced, calm, and productive routine.

  • How to identify and release limitations, so that your employees can unleash their creativity, inspire each other, grow, and connect as a company.

  • How to share your personalised thrive & fly membership throughout your company, saving you the time, effort and money with a simple and effective set up.

  • And so much more!

we're leaving no stone unturned to ensure your success
Not only are you supported with live coaching calls, course content, yoga and meditations that are only available to members of thrive & fly, but you also get access to our leaders who work with love and service at their core.

Bring your questions, comments, doubts, Georgia & Becky are there for you.
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Errol, Gershon Resourcing

We knew we needed to go the extra mile for our employees happiness, which was really highlighted over the pandemic, but we didn't really know how. You made such effective wellbeing principles accessible and simple for us to implement. Right now you can really notice the shift in mindset, fresh ideas are surfacing, but most importantly our employees are so grateful to have this, and for that I cannot thank you enough!

with this membership you will build a solid foundation in your business by...
  • Bringing wellbeing to the forefront 

  • Getting into a clear and calm mindset for success

  • Building resilience throughout your organisation

  • Figuring out specifically what your employees want and need

  • Organically attracting new talent

  • Unlocking your highest potential to stand out among your competitors.

  • Embodying calming mindset techniques.

  • Expanding your limits to invite more growth for your business… and the clients you serve.

  • Having the support that you need.

  • And so much more…

how does it work?
  • 1x live yoga session on zoom (or your chosen provider) per week

  • Choose from power & strength or de-stress & relaxation yoga

  • 1x live 1-2-1 mental wellbeing coaching session available for every employee each month

  • 1x meditation session per week

  • 1x monthly group mindset coaching call

  • Exclusive access to downloadable GEMS method learning material 

  • Additional coaching, yoga and meditation can be added to enhance your employee experience at any time

  • Available for all of your employees, anywhere in the world

  • A launch event with the whole company to kick things off

  • Receive ongoing support & reporting from our team

this is just the start...

1-2-1 mental wellbeing coaching

1 in 4 people in the UK suffer with mental health (Mind).

it's time for a preventative cure, which is why we are so passionate about coaching

coaching has shown to improve mood, reduce anxiety, enhance memory, and boost self esteem - the key elements to preventing burnout and more serious mental health concerns

yoga to reduce stress

61% of employees are burned out on the job (CareerBuilder survey)


our yoga sessions stimulate the parasympathetic system and as a result enables you to feel calmer, less stressed and sleep better. 

save money, boost output

along with lower turnover, increased employee engagement, boost in productivity, happiness, motivation, and better customer service...


employee wellbeing programs have shown to produce an overwhelmingly positive return on investment, with an ROI of up to £10 for every £1 spent on employee wellbeing (WHO report).

group mindset coaching

we believe that fulfilling your potential is rooted within mindset


group coaching has proven to be pivotal in the creation of high-performing teams, improving knowledge transfer, and communication, as well as increasing commitment and accountability

track progress

how is thrive and fly affecting current employees, attracting new talent, and boosting wellbeing? 

view our progress tracking reports and set up a discussion to show clear results on a regular basis!

attract top talent

89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work (APA report)

this is why we work closely with you to show current and prospective employees that wellbeing is at the forefront of your business

smooth implementation across global teams

with our hybrid model, your employees can stay connected across the globe, join online sessions together, and even see progress together

thrive & fly approved

join the Thrive & Fly community of leaders who really care, bringing wellbeing to the forefront of businesses, and creating tidal wave of positive impact across the planet

so here's what you do next...

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