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1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 sessions give you the incredible opportunity to work directly with me, delving deep into  my unique approach that combines the power of neuroscience, psychology, and soulful practices.


Together, let's move away from who you "should be" and create a reality that ignites your soul.

Let's dive in! 




The Sancti method


1. Neuroscience

Here's where we use principles supported by neuroscience. I'll guide you through uncovering and rewiring limiting beliefs. Diving into the neuroplasticity of your subconscious mind, you'll identify patterns and create new neural pathways that support you and your goals. 

The subconscious mind is what shapes your life and can keep you in repetitive thoughts. But it’s also where the magic can happen when you’re aware of this!


2. Authentic Alignment

With heightened clarity, you can start taking action on what inspires you. Together we will look at all areas of your life: environment, people, location, family, communication, friends, relationships, boundaries etc.


You will choose your unique own path. Throughout I will guide you and keep you accountable. You dont have to do this alone.


3. Soul Fuel

To keep you on track you get access to my unique Soul Fuel strategies designed to take you out of flight or fight, and into rest and digest. Rest and digest is where your brain processes information and is a vital part of growth that requires stillness.


Soul Fuel Includes: Meditation, Nature Walks, Yoga, Writing, Journaling, Grounding, Breathwork, Digital Detox, Gratitude Practice, Reiki + more (beginner friendly!)

Hey you!

My name is Georgia St John-Smith

So a bit about me... I traded the hustle of London for the laidback island of Ibiza.

I left behind a 6 figure career in which I made one of Lord Sugar's Apprentice winning businesses over £1 million in profits.

It's safe to say I embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery (and spiritual awakening, lol)


I do love to dance and let my hair down...


But instead of the 24/7 partying side of Ibiza, I discovered the power of intuition and nature's wisdom on this magical island. 

I've journeyed deep into coaching, meditation, neuroscience, psychology and spirituality to get here. 

This is just the start. 

Want to join me?


Create your path

Guided through my unique 7 Step Framework

This is for you if...

You resonate with any 1 of these: 

You find yourself constantly stressed, worried, or overwhelmed.

You struggle to find time off or disconnect from work, even during your free time.

You crave a fresh start, a chance to recharge and rejuvenate.

You often fall off track with your good habits, always putting work and others before yourself.

You experience imposter syndrome and have a tendency to please others at the expense of your own well-being.

You realise that you have sacrificed your own needs for too long and are ready for a change.

You seek answers, a better understanding of yourself, and an alternative approach to managing ADHD without medication.

You have a strong inclination to people please, always prioritising others' needs over your own.

Together we will address these challenges, unblock your true potential, and create a path that aligns with your dreams and aspirations.

“Every time we speak you just bring this whole new perspective. It's so valuable and you know how highly I rate you. My life just hasn't been the same since we met. In a really positive way.”

Annie Davies

Apply to work with me

1. Book your Intro Call

2. Choose Your Program
3. Receive your welcome email and questionnaire 
4. Get started!

Anchor 1

1 Call Per Month

Ideal for those already on their personal growth journey, this package offers a monthly check-in to keep you accountable and on track.


2 Calls Per Month

With two calls per month, you'll soar to new heights on your personal growth journey.


Each session provides powerful guidance, tools, and support to expand your horizons and step into your full potential.


Embrace regular check-ins to integrate insights, maintain momentum, and create the life you've envisioned.

Shooting Star

4 Calls Per Month

Propel Your Personal Growth Journey! With four calls per month, this package is designed for those seeking a rapid and transformative experience.


Experience the power of weekly personalised guidance as you embark on an accelerated path of self-discovery and growth.

What you get

1 / Personalised 1:1 Calls with Georgia

2 / Follow up email with Action Steps
3 / Journal Prompts after each session
4 / Cognitive Awakening Meditations

Stalk my Whatsapp...

Every time I finish a retreat, I'm flooded with messages.


9/10 Times it's the coaching that has made the difference! 

  • What if I want to cancel?
    You can cancel at any time by giving 30 days notice.
  • How does the 1:1 Coaching work?
    We will have a call either 1x per month, 2x per month or 4x per month. You can schedule the calls at times that suit you using my calendar link (Calendly)
  • How long is the coaching for?
    You can choose 6 months or 12 months. This is the length of commitment required for you to start seeing results in your life and implementing the changes! However, I am a human and I totally get that things change. Plus if we're not vibing, you have a 30 day notice period you can use.
  • What if I've never meditated?
    You're in the perfect place to learn. We will take each step at your own pace and every meditation is beginner friendly! You'll also have the opportunity to talk with me and share what comes up for you / learn more about the meditations in practice during our calls.
  • How much is it?
    It depends on the package you go for! Here's the package breakdowns: Lunar: - 1 call per month (45 mins) - Journal Prompts after each call £300 per month Sunshine: - 2 calls per month (60 mins each call) - Journal Prompts after each call - 1 Bonus Cognitive Awakening Meditation £500 per month Shooting Star: - 4 calls per month (60 mins each call) - Journal Prompts after each call - 1 Bonus Cognitive Awakening Meditation - 1 Bonus Reiki Session £950 per month
  • Should I come solo or with a friend?
    Retreats are the perfect opportunity for a solo trip! It's an amazing place to meet likeminded people, and lifelong friendships have been made at Sancti Retreats! You can come with your friends too, friends are very welcome. Although we do remind you that this is for YOU, so it's important to go into it focusing on your own experience.
  • Is this retreat for me?
    This is for you if you resonate with any 1 of these things: You long for a chance to disconnect from work and reconnect with your dreams. You seek a fresh start, a transformative experience that reignites your spirit. You are ready to prioritize yourself and give the attention you deserve. You yearn for self-understanding, guided by experienced coaches. You love nature and are ready ground yourself You seek sisterhood, a supportive community on your journey. You are ready to embrace the healing power of energy, experiencing the profound shifts that Reiki and oracle readings can bring. You are eager to delve into the mysteries of the chakras and energy, unlocking your inner wisdom and potential. You long for inner peace and serenity, immersing yourself in the sacred practices of meditation and mindfulness. You seek a sanctuary for your spiritual growth, where you can nurture your divine feminine essence and reclaim your power. You feel the magnetic pull of the Revive and Rise retreat, beckoning you to embark on a transformative, soulful adventure.
  • Where is the retreat?
    The retreat is in the gorgeous hilltops of Ibiza. Ibiza is a very small island, so everywhere is pretty easy to get to and your taxi from the airport to the villa is only 20 mins!
  • I'm a beginner, can I join?
    Yes! Absolutely. This retreat is perfect if you're a beginner in yoga, meditation, and all spiritual practices. You're welcome here no matter what level of ability you are! You can take things at your own pace and will be guided through every step of the way.
  • What if something changes? Can I get a refund?
    If you have circumstances beyond your control, you are able to transfer your retreat to the next dates available. Your retreat is non-refundable. (An investment into you is powerful, and that isn't the kind of thing you want to take back)
  • Is there a payment plan available?
    There sure is! I offer a number of payment plan options to support you to make the decision to go all in on your dreams!
  • I'm new to this, should I work on myself first?
    The exact reason I recommend joining The Sancti Method is for this very reason. When left to our own devices, it’s so much harder to get out of your own way. You will always have more work to do on yourself. Inner work is a part of life and a continuous journey, which is why we go so deep on your Mindset, Psychology and Energy. When we take leaps out of our comfort zone and try new things, there will always be fear, so it’s something I coach you on to get out of your own way. Join us! (even if the fear is there!)
  • I think I should try on my own first, I haven't really done that
    Yes, you have. It just looks a lot like NOT doing. It’s kind of like indecision is still a decision. Not doing is still doing. If you knew how to do it on your own, you already would have. No one sits around knowing HOW to make this kind of positive change, and just not feeling like it. And sometimes we THINK we DO know how. But how we know if we do….is if we have what we want. Our results tell us what we are doing and what we really know.
  • How much access do I get to Georgia during this program?
    A LOT. I am your coach in this program. It will be me on our group calls, your 1:1 call, and supporting you via Telegram Mon-Fri throughout your journey.
  • What are your qualifications and experience?
    I am a certified Mindset Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation and Yoga instructor. On top of this, I have been trained under the first Holistic Coach to become qualified in the UK. I have a degree in Economics, which seems very different to what I do now but it's set me up for success from a business and personal perspective. My background is in Recruitment and I have undertaken intensive training that allows you to also get access to my career development knowledge and experience. I left my 6 figure career and started my dream business in under 12 months. On top of this, since working on my mindset I have been able to move to my dream island Ibiza, create freedom to live my life my way, transform my relationship with myself, my friends, and my family. If I can do this, so can you if you are willing to go all in on your dreams. I will show you how.
  • Are the results guaranteed?
    My commitment is to provide you with the education, tools, coaching and support for you to achieve what you want. The testimonials and case studies on this website are from clients who did the work and showed up for themselves and their goals. If you want results, you’ll need to do that too. If you follow the full program and do not experience any positive results, you can contact me directly and I will look at your progress. If you've made zero progress AND you've made the commitment to showing up for yourself and follow the methods I share, then I look at this on a case by case basis to decide whether it's fair to give you a partial or full refund. Please also know that sometimes results can take longer or look different than expected. We are coming from different places and have our own lives – but I know that what you learn within this program will support you now and into the future.
  • What if I can't do it?
    Well, you already know. You already aren’t doing it, right? This is the worst it gets. Your brain might tell you that at least you can HOPE to do it in the future. But how’s that working out? Personally, I’d rather get started than think about getting started one day. Getting started is the only way to actually get closer to getting what you want. It’s normal that right now you fear you can’t. And you won’t be able to….for a while…and if you do….you might be BAD. You have to be willing to be BAD and not know how for a while. It doesn’t mean something has gone wrong. It means everything is going according to plan.
  • Do you offer refunds? What if I don't like it?
    I stand so deeply behind this program, and have invested so much energy, heart and work into developing a method that can get you results. I do not offer refunds for the program. I am here to help you go to the next level in your life – and part of that is making and fulfilling your commitments. If you follow the full program and do not experience any positive results, you can contact me directly and I will look at your progress. If you've made zero progress AND you've made the commitment to showing up for yourself and follow the methods I share, then I look at this on a case by case basis and ensure you've got all the support necessary to get the results you're here for.
  • When does it start?
    SANCTIFY™ starts on 27th March 2024. As soon as you join you will get access to the Mastermind live sessions and recordings. Where I will be running 3x LIVE 90 min workshops per month! They will be recorded for you to watch in your own time if you can't make it live. You'll also get access to my bonus Recorded Meditations, Yoga Sessions, and Workbooks on how to start, create and implement your soulful success strategy.
  • When are the live workshops held?
    Our members come from all corners of the globe, including Europe, the UK, and US. For that reason, I run the workshops at the best time possible for each corner of the world. These are bi-weekly workshops directly with me. You can join the workshops live, or watch the replay if you can't make it live. The Call Times: (CET) Call 1: Tuesday 5th Dec 6pm Call 2: Tuesday 19th Dec 6pm Call 3: Tuesday 9th Jan 6pm Call 4: Tuesday 23rd Jan 6pm Call 5: Tuesday 6th Feb 6pm Bonus Workshops: (CET) Linkedin Masterclass: Tuesday 20th Feb 6pm Reiki Session: Tuesday 6th March 6pm (Please convert to your relevant timezone – we recommend this tool).

Want to know more? 

Let's dive in!

None of this would have been possible without my coaching methods rooted in neuroscience and human psychology.

(And arguably my obsession with all things personal growth and spirituality)


When I completely transformed my life, from my home and career to even the country I lived in, I stumbled upon something truly remarkable. 

The insights from neuroscience and psychology perfectly aligned with the changes I was making in my own life.

Since studying ancient yoga and meditation techniques, and being exposed to so many new spiritual practices from the Eastern world, I found that these practices kept me grounded and trusting in my path no matter what. 


So in the Sancti Method, I've added Soul Fuel. This is a combination of strategies to keep you on track. One of the main components are my unique Cognitive Awakening Meditations. 

Cognitive Awakening Meditations.png

Cognitive Awakening Meditations

Meditation has been transformational in my journey.

So, I have created Cognitive Awakening Meditations.

These meditations activate your subconscious mind, helping you to rewire your beliefs and gain a heightened level of clarity. 

Powered by principles from the Relaxation Response Harvard Study, combined with cognitive human psychology.

It's a down-to-earth and inspiring approach that will help you navigate your own transformational journey.

Here's how we create your path

An in depth deep dive into the 7 step framework! 

Part 1: Cognitive Compass


Create Awareness

Here we'll unveil the architecture of your mind. Discover the inner workings of your thoughts, emotions, and habits while gaining profound insights into the realms of ego and authentic self. Through introspection and thought-provoking questions, we'll unravel the barriers holding you back.

Cognitive Awakening Meditations.png

Cognitive Awakening Meditations

These meditations activate your subconscious mind, helping you to rewire your beliefs and gain a heightened level of clarity. Through these practices you will discover your core values, unearth your authentic dreams, and separate them from societal expectations. 

Part 2:  Authentic Alignment


Inspired Action

Now it's time to translate insights into purposeful action. Together, we'll explore all areas of your life, from relationships and environment to communication and self-care. Grounded in your unique authentic path, you will create new action points that are aligned with your unique values. 

Pouring Sand

Create Time

Creating time requires clearing. We'll gently release the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck. By creating new evidence-based narratives, you'll witness firsthand the rewiring of your brain, leading to greater confidence, resilience, and expanded possibilities.



Throughout this process of aligning your life your way, you'll then start to focus on your environment. You'll have the opportunity to create mini and major changes to your environment (depending on your goals)

Part 3: Soul Fuel


Add to your Circle

Imagine your soul as a magnificent vehicle, ready to embark on a journey of purpose and fulfillment. Just like a car needs fuel to keep moving, your soul craves its own unique nourishment to thrive and flourish.

First up you'll have an opportunity to add to your circle! So many people talk about cutting out, but honestly, expanding your circle with inspiring people is the biggest game changer. 


Build Better Boundaries

There's no point trying to fill your engine with diesel if your soul yearns for the essence of petrol. It's about understanding and embracing your own unique needs, aligning with the fuel that invigorates and uplifts you. In this part you'll shine a light on who and what lights you up, then utilise strategies to build healthy boundaries to keep you on track.


Cultivate Discernment

People often ask me how I always stay on track. It truly is this last phase: discernment. As you delve into the practices of Soul Fuel, you will uncover the precise combination of nourishment that feeds your soul's engine. Through meditation, reiki, oracle card readings, breathwork techniques, gratitude rituals, intention setting, chakra balancing, and energy cleansing, you will identify the perfect blend of fuel that resonates with you personally.


Want to see if it's really for you?

Schedule your intro call

This call isn't free because true transformation requires investment. By investing in yourself—your time, money, and energy—you'll be ready to learn and grow.


Without commitment, nothing changes.

But I am human, and I understand the fear of investing in yourself, so this call is a one-off without any long-term obligations. 

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