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Stories worth listening to...

Nina said she has never felt so inspired before... Listen to this!!

"Georgia just has so much wisdom and coaching abilities that I didn't expect.


She's unreal, and the impact she has on everybody regardless of background, age, career, is incredible. I don't think I've ever rested as much.


I feel relaxed, enlightened and inspired. It is pretty life changing, but you'll never know unless you experience it yourself. So do it! Is what I would say." @ninacbrooks 

Natalia landed her dream job with and moved to her dream city in just 6 months of  The Sancti Method!

"6 months ago I could only have dreamed of where I am today.

This has totally opened up my eyes and mind to the possibilities in life. It's helped me to tap into my best self (beyond what I knew existed), and allowed me to create clarity, purpose and a sense of direction in life.

I couldn't recommend Georgia enough! - Once you've worked with her, you'll know what I'm talking about." @nataliabatex

testimonial the sancti method

Annie said it totally transformed her life...  Listen to this!

I’m so ambitious so I always kept pushing myself... I wasn’t aware of my own negative self talk. As I worked with Georgia, the only way I can describe it is profound. 

She’s created a safe environment, delves into why I am where the way I am, and we pinpoint what is holding me back. Then we work on it step by step to layer it into my life in a positive way. The changes i have experienced in my relationships, family, friends, partner, me handling myself in a work environment, the way i handle myself and stress, its life changing! If you’re thinking about it, you need to give it a try!" @annie.makes.videos

Sophie said it was the BEST thing she has ever invested in!

"I spent a really long time thinking personal development was a load of rubbish... I learnt how to discover how I work best, and build my business around that, rather than continuing to build ME around my business.

Working with Georgia was an amazing opportunity to learn new things, and realise I can do more than I believe I am capable of!! It's shown me how to build a more fulfilling life as an entrepreneur and as a woman.

Despite the pile of books I continue to purchase to level up, by far the greatest decision I made this year was to invest in me"

@sophiemillerrr @prettylittlemarketer

Marc was a skeptic...

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 13.29.13.png

But the Sancti Method has accelerated positive change not only for him, but for his family too...

Stephen said to say it's changed his life would be an understatement...

Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 14.10.02.png
stephen paul.jpeg


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