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by Georgia St John-Smith

The 6 month Mastermind for purpose-driven entrepreneurs ready to create a soulful success that flows with spaciousness, ease and joy.


by Georgia St John-Smith


If you're ready to attract 10 times more dream clients, create consistency & deepen your connection to your soul.

- You're in the right place.

Inside SANCTIFY I share with you the exact strategies, systems and processes I have used in my business to:

- Create a business that allows me to travel freely
- Attract fabulous clients with ease
- Sell out retreats on repeat

You deserve to feel confident in your business strategy. Not stressing, questioning and doubting yourself every other week. You deserve to feel free to travel the world with a smile on your face, because your bank balance is constantly rising. It's time to spend your time and energy implementing a strategy that sells without you having to be at your laptop 24/7.


So that you can be packing your bags for Ibiza with zero guilt and be damn proud of yourself that you're the kinda person who goes on retreats when you feel like it because you've EARNT it. 

Ready for a success that fuels your soul?

You're here for one of 2 reasons...



You're wanting to find your purpose and create a soulful business that you love, but have no idea how to start - you're ready for a strategy!


You've already started your business, but want to scale with soul - without the stress, imposter syndrome, and procrastination that's chaining you down. 

Having a business that you love, gives you the freedom to travel, and earns you 5x more than a regular job is the dream, right?!


Even though you're great at what you do, you struggle with how to get your message across clearly.

You worry that people don't really 'get' what you do, or they might judge you. So you're not consistent with posting, you doubt yourself WAY too often, and you know you're not fulfilling your potential.

Maybe you’ve even invested in yourself a lot already, but you're done with business coaches spouting about £10k, £30k, £100k months, and you just want the kind of support that lights your soul on fire with simple strategies, soulful mindset tools, accountability and genuine sisterhood.


You’ve got some amazing ideas, but your business is not quite where you want it to be, yet.


You're not able to fully relax and take your foot off the gas because you feel guilty, like there's something MORE you should be doing.

I see you. Your dream of a successful business isn't "me me me" for you. It's more than that.

It's for all the people you get to help.


It's for the family you get to raise in financial security. It's for the time you get to spend ticking off your bucket list snorkelling, riding horses along the beach and catching sunsets. 

You know it's possible, because you see others doing it. You've seen me do it too!

But trust me, it took a lot of failed launches, and crickets on social media before I knew the strategies necessary to build a successful business (without the stress and hustle culture we've been sold). 

That's why I've put ALL the strategies into one place for you. 



by Georgia St John-Smith


Within 3 months, Chloe made enough money to quit her side job. 


She sold out her brand new 1:1 offer with ease. 


Now she is hosting retreats in Ibiza!



Hi, I'm Georgia!


I’ve been shifting mindsets since day 1 of my business. From top CEO’s to people at the very start of their career.


Now my clients are constantly transforming their lives! From escaping the 9-5, to starting their dream businesses, writing books, launching podcasts, attracting their dream clients, speaking on stage, to travelling the world.


It's ALL possible with the right strategies and the right support.

The strategies I share with my clients are the ones that have allowed me to follow my dreams, move to Ibiza, grow my Linkedin following to 36K, travel whenever I want, sell out retreats, help more people, and wake up every single day grateful that I'm following my purpose. 

None of this stuff happens by chance. It takes investment of time, money and energy into YOU. I wasted years trying to do it myself. Now I practice what I preach and I'm constantly investing in mentorship myself.


THAT's the secret to soulful success: it takes investment. It takes risk. It takes a leap of faith. 


I want the same for you too!



by Georgia St John-Smith


If you're wanting proven strategies that you can use to attract clients consistently in a soulful way, rather than chasing them with an icky numbers game, then SANCTIFY is for you and I am so excited for you

Soulful Success Summit Day 3 - NEW.png

Let's dive in!

(The unique Sancti formula)



A huge blocker for any entrepreneur is the human things that ALWAYS come up whenever you grow. 

I'm talking about that feeling of *cringe* when you think about posting about yourself on social media. 

The times you say "yeah no problem" to something you WISH you had the guts to say no to...

The times you procrastinate on something you actually REALLY want to do like launch the podcast, and you can't understand why?

Or when you end up wayyy overdelivering, yet you're still not making enough money to make you feel financially comfortable. 

All of these things are SCIENCE.


Your brain is wired to survive (not to make you happy or successful). Which means all of this "self sabotage" isn't meant to harm you. It's meant to save you by keep things the same, familiar and predictable. - Hence comfort zones...

But if you want to grow, you need change. Imposter syndrome, fear of judgement, people pleasing, self doubt, it's all because your brain is feeling unsafe with your growth.

In SANCTIFY we use proven, neuroscience backed techniques to rewire your brain to allow your brain to feel safe in change so that nothing can stop you!  



You will get major clarity on what your purpose is, and exactly what you need to do in order to attract more clients. It can be easy to get dizzy with comparison on what everyone else is doing. Together we cut the noice, dive deep into your gifts that are so unique they couldn't be copied, even if someone tried! 


Then we grow your personal brand in a purposeful way, and create marketing that makes your potential clients say "I'm IN!" without you second guessing yourself.

Selling becomes soulful inside SANCTIFY. No more overgiving or underpricing yourself because you're scared to ask for what you're really worth. 


I take you through my full soulful launch strategy so that you feel excited, authentic and purposeful when you're selling. 



No more 9-5 grind. This is your business so YOU get to make your rules.

Success doesn't have to be waking up at 5am to stare at a screen.

Or to chain yourself to my own business and guilt trip yourself for any holidays you take.

It gets to be about freedom and it gets to be about fill your SOUL.

So, you don't need to be a 'typical' business owner.

Inside SANCTIFY we focus on fuelling your soul. Ticking off your bucket list. Creating peace of mind in your daily life. Allowing you to connect with your soul. 

This unique combination of Strategy, Science and Soul...

You might not believe in this level of freedom. In the ability to run the business of your dreams, fully relaxed and inspired. Working max 5-7 hours per day.
Having the freedom to travel when you want.Live in your dre
am location.
All whilst making a positive impact on this planet through your business!

Let me show you how possible it really IS.


How does this sound?

It's September 2024. You've just completed SANCTIFY.


Your finances look HOT. You finally feel secure with your finances and it's only going up. 


Your personal brand has grown 10x your expectations. You're a go-to voice in your industry because you know how to brand yourself with purpose.


Your calendar is spacious. You've got room to breathe and you're planning your next travel adventure! 


You no longer identify as a people pleaser. You have impeccable boundaries, and saying no isn't a hard ask anymore - it feels totally fine. People respect you more for. You're happier and you're free!


You're in love with your business. Your purpose is clear. You know you're making the world a better place every single day.


You have a strategy to scale with ease and flow. The systems in place and you know exactly how to attract your dream clients on repeat.


If we join forces you'll be able to

Become crystal clear on your purpose

Create a strategy to scale with ease and flow

Attract your dream clients on repeat

What you get

💸 6x LIVE 90 min STRATEGY Trainings

🧠 3x LIVE 90 min SCIENCE Trainings

🫶🏼 3x LIVE 90 min SOUL Trainings

👑 6x LIVE Group Q&A Calls

🎉 1x 50 min 1:1 Call with Georgia

💬 Telegram support Mon-Fri

🧘‍♀️ Library of Soul Care Practices (Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Theta Healing) + Guest Workshops

This is for you if

✔️ You are ready attract more clients and help more people

✔️ You care about making this world a better place through your business

✔️ You know NOW is the time

This isn't for you if

❌ You aren't willing to put the time and energy into you and your future right now

❌ You want a quick fix instead of strategies that actually work

❌ You only care about the money

Pick your payment plan*!

Paymet Plans

*by completing the payment you agree to the coaching terms and conditions

This could be you!

(Sound ON)

Ibiza is calling...

Your dream weekend is waiting, all you need to do is book your flights*. 
*Flights not included.

IMG_2305 3.JPG

"It's hard not be wowed by a location like this" - Saafi, UK

IMG_7426 (3).jpg

"This retreat was singlehandedly the most uplifting experience I have ever had. " - Chaira, Ireland


It was the best experience of my life. I am so glad I went for it! - Sarah

Sancti Retreat September 2024.png


Get yourself signed up sister!

I can't WAIT to welcome you to the magic island!

Sophie said it was the BEST thing she has ever invested in!

@sophiemillerrr @prettylittlemarketer

Annie said it totally transformed her life...  Listen to this!

I’m so ambitious so I always kept pushing myself... I wasn’t aware of my own negative self talk. As I worked with Georgia, the only way I can describe it is profound. 

She’s created a safe environment, delves into why I am where the way I am, and we pinpoint what is holding me back. Then we work on it step by step to layer it into my life in a positive way. The changes i have experienced in my relationships, family, friends, partner, me handling myself in a work environment, the way i handle myself and stress, its life changing! If you’re thinking about it, you need to give it a try!" @annie.makes.videos


by Georgia St John-Smith

I’ve spent over 4 years mastering the art of attracting aligned clients, soulful sals and  personal growth strategies that create your version of success. So you can go straight to what works. I’ve invested thousands of hours, money, and trial and error so that you don’t have to.


This Mastermind will be your go-to place, designed to support you with everything you need to achieve your version of soulful success with lightness, grace, and glowing confidence


All modules will be shared in the form of live videos that will be recorded, along with documents to accommodate all learning styles making learning and implementation easier than ever before!

  • What if I want to cancel?
    You can cancel at any time by giving 30 days notice.
  • How does the 1:1 Coaching work?
    We will have a call either 1x per month, 2x per month or 4x per month. You can schedule the calls at times that suit you using my calendar link (Calendly)
  • How long is the coaching for?
    You can choose 6 months or 12 months. This is the length of commitment required for you to start seeing results in your life and implementing the changes! However, I am a human and I totally get that things change. Plus if we're not vibing, you have a 30 day notice period you can use.
  • What if I've never meditated?
    You're in the perfect place to learn. We will take each step at your own pace and every meditation is beginner friendly! You'll also have the opportunity to talk with me and share what comes up for you / learn more about the meditations in practice during our calls.
  • How much is it?
    It depends on the package you go for! Here's the package breakdowns: Lunar: - 1 call per month (45 mins) - Journal Prompts after each call £300 per month Sunshine: - 2 calls per month (60 mins each call) - Journal Prompts after each call - 1 Bonus Cognitive Awakening Meditation £500 per month Shooting Star: - 4 calls per month (60 mins each call) - Journal Prompts after each call - 1 Bonus Cognitive Awakening Meditation - 1 Bonus Reiki Session £950 per month
  • Should I come solo or with a friend?
    Retreats are the perfect opportunity for a solo trip! It's an amazing place to meet likeminded people, and lifelong friendships have been made at Sancti Retreats! You can come with your friends too, friends are very welcome. Although we do remind you that this is for YOU, so it's important to go into it focusing on your own experience.
  • Is this retreat for me?
    This is for you if you resonate with any 1 of these things: You long for a chance to disconnect from work and reconnect with your dreams. You seek a fresh start, a transformative experience that reignites your spirit. You are ready to prioritize yourself and give the attention you deserve. You yearn for self-understanding, guided by experienced coaches. You love nature and are ready ground yourself You seek sisterhood, a supportive community on your journey. You are ready to embrace the healing power of energy, experiencing the profound shifts that Reiki and oracle readings can bring. You are eager to delve into the mysteries of the chakras and energy, unlocking your inner wisdom and potential. You long for inner peace and serenity, immersing yourself in the sacred practices of meditation and mindfulness. You seek a sanctuary for your spiritual growth, where you can nurture your divine feminine essence and reclaim your power. You feel the magnetic pull of the Revive and Rise retreat, beckoning you to embark on a transformative, soulful adventure.
  • Where is the retreat?
    The retreat is in the gorgeous hilltops of Ibiza. Ibiza is a very small island, so everywhere is pretty easy to get to and your taxi from the airport to the villa is only 20 mins!
  • I'm a beginner, can I join?
    Yes! Absolutely. This retreat is perfect if you're a beginner in yoga, meditation, and all spiritual practices. You're welcome here no matter what level of ability you are! You can take things at your own pace and will be guided through every step of the way.
  • What if something changes? Can I get a refund?
    If you have circumstances beyond your control, you are able to transfer your retreat to the next dates available. Your retreat is non-refundable. (An investment into you is powerful, and that isn't the kind of thing you want to take back)
  • Is there a payment plan available?
    There sure is! I offer a number of payment plan options to support you to make the decision to go all in on your dreams!
  • I'm new to this, should I work on myself first?
    The exact reason I recommend joining The Sancti Method is for this very reason. When left to our own devices, it’s so much harder to get out of your own way. You will always have more work to do on yourself. Inner work is a part of life and a continuous journey, which is why we go so deep on your Mindset, Psychology and Energy. When we take leaps out of our comfort zone and try new things, there will always be fear, so it’s something I coach you on to get out of your own way. Join us! (even if the fear is there!)
  • I think I should try on my own first, I haven't really done that
    Yes, you have. It just looks a lot like NOT doing. It’s kind of like indecision is still a decision. Not doing is still doing. If you knew how to do it on your own, you already would have. No one sits around knowing HOW to make this kind of positive change, and just not feeling like it. And sometimes we THINK we DO know how. But how we know if we do….is if we have what we want. Our results tell us what we are doing and what we really know.
  • How much access do I get to Georgia during this program?
    A LOT. I am your coach in this program. It will be me on our group calls, your 1:1 call, and supporting you via Telegram Mon-Fri throughout your journey.
  • What are your qualifications and experience?
    I am a certified Mindset Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation and Yoga instructor. On top of this, I have been trained under the first Holistic Coach to become qualified in the UK. I have a degree in Economics, which seems very different to what I do now but it's set me up for success from a business and personal perspective. My background is in Recruitment and I have undertaken intensive training that allows you to also get access to my career development knowledge and experience. I left my 6 figure career and started my dream business in under 12 months. On top of this, since working on my mindset I have been able to move to my dream island Ibiza, create freedom to live my life my way, transform my relationship with myself, my friends, and my family. If I can do this, so can you if you are willing to go all in on your dreams. I will show you how.
  • Are the results guaranteed?
    My commitment is to provide you with the education, tools, coaching and support for you to achieve what you want. The testimonials and case studies on this website are from clients who did the work and showed up for themselves and their goals. If you want results, you’ll need to do that too. If you follow the full program and do not experience any positive results, you can contact me directly and I will look at your progress. If you've made zero progress AND you've made the commitment to showing up for yourself and follow the methods I share, then I look at this on a case by case basis to decide whether it's fair to give you a partial or full refund. Please also know that sometimes results can take longer or look different than expected. We are coming from different places and have our own lives – but I know that what you learn within this program will support you now and into the future.
  • What if I can't do it?
    Well, you already know. You already aren’t doing it, right? This is the worst it gets. Your brain might tell you that at least you can HOPE to do it in the future. But how’s that working out? Personally, I’d rather get started than think about getting started one day. Getting started is the only way to actually get closer to getting what you want. It’s normal that right now you fear you can’t. And you won’t be able to….for a while…and if you do….you might be BAD. You have to be willing to be BAD and not know how for a while. It doesn’t mean something has gone wrong. It means everything is going according to plan.
  • Do you offer refunds? What if I don't like it?
    I stand so deeply behind this program, and have invested so much energy, heart and work into developing a method that can get you results. I do not offer refunds for the program. I am here to help you go to the next level in your life – and part of that is making and fulfilling your commitments. If you follow the full program and do not experience any positive results, you can contact me directly and I will look at your progress. If you've made zero progress AND you've made the commitment to showing up for yourself and follow the methods I share, then I look at this on a case by case basis and ensure you've got all the support necessary to get the results you're here for.
  • When does it start?
    SANCTIFY™ starts on 27th March 2024. As soon as you join you will get access to the Mastermind live sessions and recordings. Where I will be running 3x LIVE 90 min workshops per month! They will be recorded for you to watch in your own time if you can't make it live. You'll also get access to my bonus Recorded Meditations, Yoga Sessions, and Workbooks on how to start, create and implement your soulful success strategy.
  • When are the live workshops held?
    Our members come from all corners of the globe, including Europe, the UK, and US. For that reason, I run the workshops at the best time possible for each corner of the world. These are bi-weekly workshops directly with me. You can join the workshops live, or watch the replay if you can't make it live. The Call Times: (CET) Call 1: Tuesday 5th Dec 6pm Call 2: Tuesday 19th Dec 6pm Call 3: Tuesday 9th Jan 6pm Call 4: Tuesday 23rd Jan 6pm Call 5: Tuesday 6th Feb 6pm Bonus Workshops: (CET) Linkedin Masterclass: Tuesday 20th Feb 6pm Reiki Session: Tuesday 6th March 6pm (Please convert to your relevant timezone – we recommend this tool).

You’ve read this far, your mind is opening, happiness in your belly; a mix of excitement, and fear.

You’re thinking about it...

Let me ask you this. 

How much is YOU, committing to YOUR dream worth to you?

What’s holding you back from truly committing to your own version of success?

I’ve been there myself. When the inner voice takes over.


When the fear feels creeping in. I can hear part of me in my head SO excited, and another part of me trying to talk myself out of it saying: 

t's too expensive" 
"What if it doesn't work for me" 
"I won't have the time" 


They're all totally normal feelings. 


But if you truly want that success that sings to your soul and makes the world a better place. 


Then it's going to take seeing those voices as hurdles for you to jump over.


Not walls that stop you.


It's going to take some skin in the game.  

It's going to take a leap of faith.


Life is short my friend, I know that all too well. 

I also know through what I’ve experienced, witnessed and the testimonials I’ve from those who work with The SANCTIFY, what is possible when you take the leap and commit to expansion.

I understand this may feel stretchy and uncomfortable.

Stepping out of our comfort zones often do.


But one things for sure, with big leaps comes true glorious, juicy expansion.  

Those leaps are life changing for all the right reasons. 

So, what’s stopping you? 


Want to chat?

I completely understand that investing in you and your business can be a BIG decision.

If you are curious, have questions, or want more info, either DM me on Instagram @georgiastjohnsmith, or book an intro call below!

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