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Success and Stillness

17-22 May 2024

6 Days in Ibiza: Discover your authentic success

Make your time off productive. Save countless hours. Turn your off switch into your best source of innovation, clarity and peace.

At the retreat you learn 5 ways to reduce stress and boost creativity:

(accessible for beginners!)

🟢 Meditation
🟢 Yoga
🟢 Visualisation 
🟢 Reiki
🟢 Breathwork 

Yes. This stuff is scientifically proven to work

...and it can be enjoyable! 

You don't have to do it alone.

Our Retreat Villa: 

5 Reasons You Need to be at the Ibiza Retreat

1. Opportunity to recharge and refocus:

The retreat provides a chance to be strategic with your time off. 
Step away from your busy schedule and immerse yourself in an inspiring environment, helping you to recharge and refocus.

2. Exclusive access heart-led leaders:

The Ibiza retreat offers you the unique opportunity to network with top industry professionals and thought leaders. In this environment you're not selling at each other, you're creating genuine authentic connection. 

3. Learn to utilise the power of meditation

The retreat offers a range of activities and workshops designed to help you harness the power of stillness and mindfulness in your personal and professional life. You'll learn how to make meditation work for you instead of being stuck in your thoughts! Meditation is proven to improve your focus, sleep quality, relationships and decision making. This is your ideal starting point!

4. A fun and unforgettable experience

With a range of activities including secret caves, stunning beaches, live music and more, the Ibiza retreat offers a fun and unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling energised and inspired.

5. Stunning natural surroundings

Located in the beautiful island of Ibiza, the retreat offers an idyllic setting that allows you to connect with nature and find inspiration in your surroundings.


1 Villa

"It's hard not be wowed by a location like this"

- Saafi, Founder & CEO The Bridge


12 Attendees

Small enough to know it's exclusive...

 big enough for a variety of inspiring people. 


7 Key Experiences

The power of meditation, yoga and wellness. Learn, experience, and enjoy it.  - Suitable for total beginners!

What our clients say...

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 10.44.56.png
Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 20.43.05.png

I found a new way of success

4 years ago I was earning 6 figures at age 23.

But I was fed up with working all hours, high stress levels and barely seeing the sun!

I had financial freedom, but no time freedom.

I used to hate being stil, It felt unproductive. 

4 years, 
8 retreats, 96 happy retreaters, and 100's of breakthrough moments later...

I have developed a 7 step process specifically for ambitious people like you, who want to create success and a balanced, fulfilled life.


Now I'm living in Ibiza and living my dream. 


It really works.

Is this for you? Watch the video! 

A day at a retreat...

Push the notifications aside, immerse yourself into new experiences in paradise, designed for your growth

08:00 - Teas, coffees and fruits available


08:30 - Morning mediation + optional yoga (suitable for all levels!)


10:00 - Nutritional breakfast from our incredible chef


11:30 - Time for coaching masterclasses on Sancti's 7 Step Balance Method

13:00 - Lunch prepared by our private chef 

15:00 - Free time for massage, energy treatments, group activities such as paddle boarding, archery, beach excursions, sound experience, breathwork, hiking, swimming, relaxation meditation to reduce stress


17:00 - Afternoon masterclass (success techniques from ancient mediation principles rooted in science). In depth session on the Island Concept. 


18:30 - Nourishing evening meal from our incredible chef


20:30 - Sunset, music, enjoy access to Ibiza's incredible evening experiences


Annie Davies

"This was my second retreat with Sancti and Georgia and I have already booked onto a third.
They are a brilliant, collaborative, inspiring experience where you can learn so much about yourself and relate to others in a way regular life doesn't allow you to."
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Ross Thompson

"Booking the retreat was an easy decision. 

It was a wonderful time, better than I’d expected and different than any other retreat I’ve been on before.


The quality of the workshops and questioning really set it apart."


Gurpal Singh Sahota

"I felt like this was a fast track for so many things I have been working on overcoming in life.
Every conversation was laced with the possibility of creating a synapse.
I have already started my integration and am excited for all the progressions we will all have after this!! Let's gooooo"

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Empty Beach

Ibiza Retreat Packages

Booking Terms Apply

There's a limit of 12 spaces for each retreat.

You can make a payment below to save your space.
However, your booking is not confirmed until you hear from a member of our team. 

What our clients say...

Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 20.44.39.png

Stalk my Whatsapp...

Every time I finish a retreat, I'm flooded with messages.


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