elevate your business


available worldwide

dates upon request

for businesses looking to see employee confidence and connection flourish, and unleash a whole new level of potential 

our most popular corporate retreat destination is our peaceful and comfortable hillside home blends into blissful isles of Ibiza, claiming 25.000 square meters of private land, a stunning haven in the hills

in this landscape of stunning hilltops, a terraced swimming pool, white beaches, coves, and glistening waters, the modernist rooms and the geo-dome offer an inspiring welcome to a remarkable retreat setting


what can I expect when I attend this retreat?
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thriving culture

open space, fresh ocean air, the perfect surroundings for you to really switch off


push the notifications aside, and dive into a space of self-awareness, trust, and your true inner self

Paddling in the Ocean

soul care

revive your mind

take your mind away from the constant decision making, for a fresh new perspective

here you can create space for a clear mind, and from a clear mind, your very best business decisions will be made

Chicken and Vegetable Salad


delicious meals

indulge in the very best of the local cuisine, full of delicious and nutritious food to make your soul smile


oh, and you won't go hungry (this isn't one of those green juice only retreats... we like cake) 


an experience of a lifetime, a culture built from the core

throughout your career it's easy to get bogged down in the small stuff, become stressed with the never ending to-do-lists and demands that any successful business requires

but there is another way, that involves absolutely zero stress and burnout...


throughout this week we will build upon the mental fitness and resilience of your team, you'll have the opportunity to step away from the never-ending treadmill and truly give yourselves a chance to disconnect from the chaos and connect with the real reason you do what you do!

to find and create your own balance between going full steam ahead toward important goals at work, and finding that much needed time for rest and digest

meditation has proven to declutter the mind, reduce stress levels and bring a new fresh perspective


this company retreat is an opportunity for your whole team to create a clear mind in which you can all thrive


because from a clear mind, your best decisions will be made

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backed by research

a recent Nielsen poll found that 52% of workers didn’t take all of their paid vacation days.


research is showing that people who take time off live longer and are happier in both their personal and work lives.


reach new heights with GEMS
Enjoying Outdoor
Growth mindset

say goodbye to stressful weeks that fly by with ever-moving goal posts, and welcome the true you, in control of your life, with clarity on how to take inspired action without a shred of burnout 

it's time to revive that thrive mindset of yours


we will share how to bring the tools of calm and relaxation into the forefront of your company culture, and bring a calm, fresh perspective to your business, designed to make a positive impact


because this is your space to thrive and fly 

SUP Close Up

immerse yourself into some activities that you know and love, and others that are totally new to you

welcome in the active lifestyle that serves you and shows you just what you're capable of

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Soul care

experience yoga, meditation, and mindset workshops designed to help you to revive your mind, and indulge the senses in the natural world

bringing that much needed connection to the forefront of your culture


moments that take your breath away
your home for the week

a space for you to relax and re-energise.

high-beamed ceilings beneath flat rooftops, an abundance of light streaming in through floor-to-ceiling glass doors, and the soft brilliance of white adobe walls are all distinctive features of this blissful Ibizan villa

the floors and ceilings are punctuated by dark woods and colourful textiles from Asia, India and the Middle East


outside you can find a terraced swimming pool, framed by group seating, dining, and double sun lounger beds

a slice of heaven on earth

safety & covid-19

you are our top priority
We’ve put policies and procedures in place to keep you safe at our retreats, so you can focus on your growth without worrying about anything else.
Click below to learn about the requirements to attend the retreat, as well as protocols once you arrive.

do you ever

  • try to take time off, but think “I should be doing more”

  • feel guilty for not being productive?

  • try to relax, but you're not actually sure how sometimes

  • find that your mind is practically building a business from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep at night

  • know that you're good at what you do, you’ve nailed it in fact... but find that part of your life is off balance.

  • secretly wonder "is really possible to be successful without sacrifice?" 

  • wonder what all this wellness hype is about, and whether it can really benefit you and your business?

you're not the only one...