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For businesses looking to get the balance right, and unleash a new level of potential

Give your team a breath of fresh air on your own company retreat dedicated to seeing your employees thrive. You will be immersed into unique wellbeing practices to enhance your mindset, as well as yoga sessions to bring you out of your head and into your body. This truly is an opportunity for you to see employee confidence and connection flourish, and unleash a whole new level of potential. Topped off with nutritious and delicious food, and the the perfect environment for you and your team to thrive!

Yoga Group


Open space, fresh country air, wood-fired hot tub, and a magical secret garden... the perfect surroundings for you to really switch off. Push the notifications aside, and dive into a space of self-awareness, trust, and your true inner self.

Revive your mind by taking your mind away from the constant chitter chatter of daily life. You and your team will be guided through meditation techniques and mindfulness practices so that you can create space for a clear mind. Because from a clear mind, your best ideas will be formed. 


Enjoy delicious meals and indulge in the very best of the local cuisine, full of delicious and nutritious food to make your soul smile. Oh, and you won't go hungry (this isn't one of those green juice only retreats... we like cake and all the trimmings!) 


See the transformation for your company happiness and culture


With the high speed, high demand of modern life, it's easy to get caught up in never ending email chains, zoom calls and deadlines, and ever since the pandemic, you're left questioning whether you really can bring the human side back into business?

Throughout this retreat you will have the opportunity to bring your team back together, build real connections and unlock new fresh perspectives and ideas. 


You'll have the opportunity to step away from the never-ending treadmill of life and truly give yourself and your team a chance to revive and thrive!

To find and create a balance between wellness and success, to build the confidence and connection your team is looking for, and inspire new ideas in the process. 

No idea where to start? don't worry, you will be guided every step of the way!


  • Accommodation at one of our luxury villas in the UK, Europe, Asia, or US.

  • 3 chef cooked meals per day (delicious and filling!)

  • Refreshments and snacks each day

  • Sancti's renowned productivity masterclass: Slow Down To Speed Up

  • Sancti's leading mindset masterclass: Success & Stillness

  • Daily wellness, yoga, mindfulness talks, and meditation practice

  • Adventure based team building activities (Paddle Boarding, Archery, Hiking, etc)

  • Sancti's expert instructors in Breathwork, Reiki, and the power of Sound

  • Massage for each guest

  • Wellness goodie bag 

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