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3 reasons why now is the BEST time for you to bring wellness into your team at work....

We've all heard it's great to do yoga, meditation all of that... but how does it REALLY benefit the workplace?

1. Bring your team together

Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of us are still spending a lot of time working from home. Sometimes it can get lonely. Other times we've only met our colleagues online! They seem great, but do you really know each other? Wellness Sessions are an incredible way to bring the team together. They're booked into your diary, you've got accountability to show up and be there to connect with your colleagues in a fun way. (There's no dodging the weekly catch up calls!)

2. Something different to get the creative juices flowing!

How often have you been so focused on a task or a project that you've lost all creativity. Call it writer's block, or whatever you like. Sometimes when you work on something SO much and dedicate all of your time toward something you lose perspective... and that's when opportunities are missed and mistakes are made. Plus it can can get very dull. Moving your body has proven to give you the ability to switch off, and get out of the overflowing thoughts in your head. So a team yoga session not only gives you the ability to stretch off of the "desk bod", but you also get a chance to create space for new ideas and creativity! The chances are, you'll go back to your desk feeling fresh, full of life and ready to make a difference with what you do. Now that's something worth doing.

3. Reduce stress, anxiety and burnout

When was the last time you felt stressed at work? The chances are that it wasn't that long ago.

Scientifically speaking stress is one of the worst things for the human body to endure, especially on a regular basis. Not only that, but it's not enjoyable and takes away from productivity. Engaging in team yoga or meditation allows you and your team to take yourself away from the daily stress of modern life, and bring you into a calmer more relaxed mental state.

Yoga and meditation work to calm the central nervous system. Which is perfect for the majority of us who spend more time than not rushing from one thing to the next in "fight or flight mode" (something that's only designed to keep us safe from immediate danger... not daily life). Let's be honest. If you and your team are feeling stressed, worried, anxious or burnt out, there's no way you'll produce your best work. Taking time out for a yoga or meditation session could be the key to your success!

Agree / disagree or have any thoughts? Comment below or get in touch with us directly!

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