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Step 2 to Balance: Make Adjustments


Once you have a new level of awareness, action is required. Taking action through small adjustments will create the healthy habits that will make your balance sustainable.


Adjustments can make balance feel easier and sometimes effortless. Creating healthy habits sets the foundation for balanced success.

Tools: Values Discovery, Decision Making Framework, Coaching, Book Club

What adjustments to make?

Making adjustments is taking action in your daily life, that will pave the way for balance that will last. Making adjustments says “I can and will create balance AND success”

As a CEO, founder or leader here’s some practical ideas of how you can start making adjustments to create balance:

  • Charge your phone in a different room at night (+ use an alarm clock)

  • Walking meetings (in nature if you can!)

  • Meditate for 5 mins + per day (try these)

  • Turn you phone off 2 hours before you go to bed at night

  • Get a coach (book a power hour here)

  • Use this FREE Decision Making Framework

  • Join a Book Club (message me to join mine)

  • Reduce your meetings

  • Try breathwork

  • Attend an event that focuses on your balance

  • Do something YOU enjoy

  • Book a retreat

When you start to make adjustments, you will notice how quickly it can bring you back into balance.

How to create adjustments:

1. Try this FREE Decision Making Framework to get you started.

Top tip: Print the framework out, and refer to it whenever you make a decision (big or small!) every day for 1 week. Then try for 3 weeks. Then create it as an every day routine and method for you to tap into your self awareness.

Watch how your decision making starts to create space for balance + becomes more in line with your own values.

2. Journalling:

Try these prompts to get you started:

  • When I’m out of balance, how do I impact those around me?

  • When I’m in balance, how do I impact those around me?

  • What do I truly enjoy doing the most?

  • When can I schedule in my own “balance time”?

  • How does it feel when I start my day with a meditation?

3. Coaching:

The BEST thing about coaching is that you create accountability to ensure that you implement the changes you want to see in your life and business.

If you're not being 100% honest with yourself, a coach is someone who will let you know without judgement so that you can commit to being the best version of you.

A coach can share with you new tools to create balance in your life, whilst reaching your goals, without you having to rack your brain for inspiration.

It's someone who is on your side, without you having to constantly speak with your friends and family about whatever is on your mind.

Book a Power Hour call with me here, if you are interested in my online 1-2-1 coaching services.

OR, research coaches on google / Linkedin who you might resonate with!


If you want to create balance AND success in your life, making adjustments will make that a reality.

Creating small adjustments will keep you feeling better daily, and on track to creating a sustainable balance in your life.

Each step of the balance method is addressed in depth during our retreats, and the 1-2-1 coaching calls are an opportunity for you to consistently implement these methods and create the accountability to make sure your balance doesn't slip.

If you have any questions, drop me a message on Linkedin! It's always great to hear from you!

Keep smiling!


Content from the 7 Step Balance Method, by Georgia St John-Smith

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