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How I Created Clarity...

Clarity. Something I think we're all looking for, but damn how do we know if we're on the right track?! It's taken me a while, but eventually, I've found out how to know when I'm on the right path.. and I'm here to share it with you...

*DISCLAIMER* I spent a long time with no idea of what to do, where life would take me, and which was the right path for me...

As you can see in the first image, I was working hard, at all hours to create something with my life. I'd spent a few years working in recruitment at this point, which I loved at first, but I knew I had to make a change in my life for many reasons... You can probably tell the image was taken in the dark, because I was sat in a co-working office with my very first coach and it was 11.30pm at this point (we were far from finished).

Do I think it's right to be working all hours? Absolutely not! I'm all about BALANCE... BUT, I do think it was necessary for me to go through my own experiences of burnout, to feel enough need to actually make a change in my life.

It literally got to the point where I had to see a doctor for my chronic headaches, and I could not look at a screen because I'd been over-doing it that much. Not ok.. That's when it really hit me. By this point I'd started trying yoga once per week and it had got me thinking that life doesn't have to be this way. FLASH FORWARD 12 months... I took my Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, February 2020..

I know what you're thinking... 2020!? YES, the year it "all went wrong" but somehow I found myself in Bali at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully, I managed to finish my training, but yes I did return to a locked-down England of panic and despair. Bali changed my whole outlook. That month that I spent learning yoga, taught me how to trust my instincts, taught me mindset techniques that could bring me calm in any given moment, and I just knew that this was the perfect time to share this with the world. So I started teaching online yoga and meditation.... this happened:

FLASH FORWARD 18 months later My life got turned upside down. My relationship ended, I had to leave my home, and I found myself looking for a new start. But by this point I'd been working with a coach for a while, to keep me on track and accountable. Working with a coach had also shown me that I'm in control of my own life and where it takes me. So by this point I had the mindset tools to turn this into a positive change... Ibiza had been a dream of mine for a long time, and I decided now was the time for me to move. Now? I'm feeling more aligned than ever before. I often wake up and pinch myself, because I really am living my dream life. Of course there's more goals I'm working towards, but it doesn't feel like a huge pressure. More like an epic journey.

SO... what got me here? I think the following list summarises pretty much how I've managed to turn chaos into clarity and find my way. Hopefully it helps you too!

  1. I Got Myself A Coach! - This Was A HUGE Step Forward For Me Hiring a coach took me from feeling out of control of my life and having no idea what I wanted to do... to feeling in control and accountable. I learnt how to figure out what I really want out of my life and career, and then worked with my coach to set specific life and career goals, and take it step by step to achieve them. I would highly recommend ANYONE to get a coach. Although I would also advise to research into different coaching styles, and make sure you get the right coach for you. (I've had good and bad experiences with coaches, so it's important to find the right coach). As well as a pragmatic approach toward your dreams, your coach can also support you in a way that family and friends often can't. I've found that when you want to make any change in your life, of course you will have resistance... but so will those around you, which can make it really hard for you to get where you want to be. When you work with a coach, they're your 'go to', without having any of the bias that you friends and family might have. I still have a coach now and will always have one. That's how important it's been for my growth.

  2. Books & Podcasts I consistently listened to personal development podcasts and read books about people who had done what I wanted to do. Not only did this inspire me to see people who had come from nothing and created amazing lives for themselves, but they also share their stories of how they got there too!

  3. Community I surrounded myself with likeminded people doing what I wanted to do. Again, your friends and family can be super supportive, but they're not always going to have the same passions as you. I did things like join Facebook groups for yoga teachers and creative entrepreneurs, I messaged people on Instagram and Linkedin who were doing what I wanted to do, I attended events, webinars, retreats... you name it! Honestly the friends that I've made through these groups, and especially on retreats, are friends for life and people who have similar dreams and aspirations to me. They say you become the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with right?

  4. Regular Yoga, Meditation & Journalling This is where it became SO important for me to practice what I preach. Yoga is an amazing way for me to get out of my head and into my body. Meditation helps me to create calm and clarity in my daily life. Journalling allows me to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. It allows me to discover what's really going on, and where my blocks are that I need to work on.

I hope that this helps, and if you ever feel the need to talk to someone, my inbox is always open! Email me: - let's chat! If you'd like to join me for a free webinar and dive deeper into creating clarity in your own life, then come and join us for Career Clarity, on the 10th November, 7pm UK time... See you there!!

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