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If you don’t change you’re environment, you’ll never be able to change your life

If you don't change your environment, you'll never be able to change your life.

Now, you will likely know by now that I moved from the UK to Ibiza and it can’t go without saying that I risked losing a lot when I moved here:

A secure, stable job

Long lasting relationships with a big group of friends

Creating distance between myself and my family

The list really could go on but I knew that moving away was the healthiest thing for me at that time and I gained so much…

Everyone here that you meet has a story to tell and experiences to share that only aids in my own personal growth.

I’ve created a balance between peace and purpose

I’ve pursued my dream business, and created new opportunities just by being here!

Most of all, whenever I'm running retreats I'm living by my value of creating a change in environment.

And honestly the amount of growth I've seen sparked from last week's retreat is unbelievable.

It's amazing what a group of likeminded people committed to growth can do within under a week.

If you’re feeling stagnant or lost in life and have the ability to switch your environment, even in the smallest of ways, like going on a day trip, visiting a new place outside of your town or… if you’re feeling extra adventurous, booking a retreat!

The mindset shift that will come with doing this is truly invaluable.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

There is a reason that leaves fall off trees, it’s a visual sign that they are adapting to their environment and preparing for what lies ahead.

Humans are just as much part of nature as trees are but why do we feel as though our environment has to stay the same?

Although nature is in line with us, so is comfortability and fear. We are creatures of habit so it’s not unlikely that many of us would live in the same place for most of our life, visit the same coffee shop every day and be reluctant to really make a change.

Having a change in your environment supports growth in a way that familiar surroundings are just unable too. A new environment creates space for opportunities, fresh perspectives and of course, a whole host of new challenges…

…and I think that’s the part that often holds us back, the fear.

So then, what is required to move past fear? Courage. In fact, courage is not possible without fear!

The truth is, living a life that truly lights you up and fulfills you is not all smooth sailing. It’s full of moments of fear. It’s what you choose to do with that fear that really matters.

Often, fear is an indication that we are doing something right.

Rather than letting your fear hold you back. How can your fear help you to grow and expand?

For just a moment, look at fear as an indicator that you’re on the right track. See how your perspective changes, and of course, let me know how it goes for you? My inbox is open:

PS - If you have a craving to dive deeper into mindset shifts like this, and really switch up your environment, then check out my upcoming retreats here:

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