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Tips For Managing Your Teams Happiness

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

As a leader within your business, your day to day responsibilities are not only limited to managing your own workload, operations and all of the other things involved with the business. But any good leader knows that in order to get the best out of your team you have to create the happiest work environment. It’s so much harder in practice than it is in theory, and if you are feeling stressed yourself and struggling to get the balance right, we have compiled a list of our favourite tips to help you manage team happiness.

The Basics

Team members care how much you care about them and one of the best ways that you can show this is by making sure you’re covering the basics. Can employees be put on private healthcare plans? Can they get private gym memberships or yoga sessions? Are you looking after their mental health with available coaching or relevant counselling sessions?

Value Every Team Member And Their Ideas

Controlling the way you speak to people is Management 101 but we think that it is just as important to bring values to the forefront of everything you do in business. Choosing your words intentionally and leading with your values indicates that you respect all of your team members and care about their contributions. From what you say, to the time you spend considering ideas, it's so important that team members feel valued. If you're stuck with where to start on bringing values to the forefront of your business, speak to us about getting your very own interactive Team Values Session booked by emailing us here.

Make Sure Your Company Values Are Demonstrated

Your company's values is the foundation that it is built on and more often than not this is the very thing that will attract top talent. However, it simply isn’t enough to say you care about these things without demonstrating that you actually do. Follow those conduct policies precisely and make sure that the experience you want for your customers is also a priority for your team.

Get Off Their Backs

Giving team members the space to manage their own time, productivity and implementation will help them to see that they trust you. And nothing inspires a better working environment than trust amongst parties.

Support Their Growth

Growing is so important and also inevitable. As time moves on the things that are important to your team members can change and adapt as they grow and their circumstances change. Keeping up with these circumstances, professionally of course, can help you to better understand the best way to help them to grow. And not having the expectation that they should want to continue to grow in your company is also important – but that doesn’t mean that their time with you shouldn’t be enjoyable.

Bring In Someone To Help

HR, Happiness Managers, Team Managers and Work Coaches. These are just some of the team members that you can bring in to help manage the environment in a safe way. Sancti work coaches don’t just focus on the workplace, but the team members themselves and their physical and mental wellbeing. By indirectly working on these aspects of team members lives, they’re able to flourish in the workplace. Find out more about Workplace Wellness today!

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