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What are the Moon phases and how do they effect us? 🌙

Do you ever look at the Moon in wonder?

It is believed in astrology that the Moon is the portal to your subconscious emotions. This is reflected in your ‘Moon sign’ (the placement of the Moon when you were born) as that governs how you would typically emotionally react to situations.

To speak in a, some would say, more “logical” way. Science shows that the effect that the Moon has on us, is actually due to the gravitational pull that causes waves in the ocean. And as humans consisting of 70% water, occupying the same earth that the ocean exists upon, it is almost undeniable that we too would then be affected by this exact same pull.

Whichever you believe, using the Moon’s energetic shifts to dictate our mood, sleep patterns and even use it as a way to manifest can be an extremely valuable tool in our life’s.

The Moon consists in 8 phases:

Number 1 - The new Moon

The new Moon is the first lunar phase of the Moon. During this time the Moon is positioned between the sun and the earth, making this the easiest to miss as it appears dark.

The low light can manifest as low energy into our lives. It is likely that you feel as though you want to spend time alone and focus on inner healing and retrospect during this time. At this point the moon is about to start waxing (getting bigger) and gaining momentum. Top tips: This is a great time to meditate, create new goals and intentions for what you’d like to bring into your life over the next two weeks.

Number 2 - Waxing crescent Moon

The waxing crescent is where the Moon will begin to illuminate and grow bigger.

After experiencing the low nature of the new Moon it is common that energy and new ideas will start to flow to you. Top Tips: This is the perfect time to set intentions and write down your goals.

Number 3 - The first quarter Moon

Despite its name, during the first quarter, half of the moon that we see, will be illuminated.

The contrast of the light and dark will usually highlight the challenges that you are experiencing in your life. The good will always come with the bad, so you may start to encounter obstacles being placed between you and your goals during this time.

Top Tips: It is vital here that you ‘go with the flow.’ Allow the good and bad to move past you and focus on keeping yourself grounded and working towards your goals that you set in the New Moon.

Number 4 - Waxing Gibbous Moon

Here, the illumination of the moon continues towards a full moon and it’s really gaining momentum!

You may feel as though the universe is testing you and your patience is starting to diminish. This may call upon a time to reevaluate or push yourself harder. Top Tips: Discuss your feelings as well as looking inwards for the answers you are searching for. Repeating positive affirmations and reminding yourself of why you set your goals and intentions in the first place will be helpful to keep you on track.

Number 5 - The full Moon

Arguably, the most famous of the Moons! This occurs when the Moon is found between the sun and the earth.

The light from the full Moon highlights seemingly everything in our lives. Top Tips: This is the perfect time to reflect on how your intentions and goals have gone for the past two weeks and learn from it! It’s a great opportunity to use the strong energy of the full moon to let go, quit habits and practise healing rituals. Relationships during the full Moon can have heightened emotions, so a release of resentment and expectation is also good at this time.

Number 6 - Waning Gibbous Moon

‘Waning’ is the term used to describe the Moon decreasing and beginning to look smaller again in the sky.

The tumultuous energy of the full Moon is beginning to calm now and a sense of peace can be felt. Top Tips: Preserving time to express gratitude to the universe and those around you will likely feel fitting at this moment.

Number 7 - The last quater Moon

Sometimes known as the ‘third quarter Moon’ this phase should be used as preparation. We have released and evolved and it is time to prepare to do it again.

Top Tips: During this time, you can make it a priority to clear out the toxicity or difficult relationship dynamics in your life to make space for new intentions and goals to manifest.

Number 8 - The waning Crescent Moon (The Balsamic Moon)

The Moon here, is decreasing towards the new Moon.

Top Tips: Meditation is the key for this phase. Remaining calm, grounded and determined during this time, will allow you to have energy to experience the next Moon cycle.

Put your trust in the Universe and relinquish the need for control.

What does this all mean?

Each lunar phase gives off a different energy, that when understood, we can harness correctly into our daily lives. Being aware of the Moon patterns can prepare you for the emotions you will experience and allows you to create space to educate yourself on what works for you during each cycle.

‘The moon is a reminder that no matter what phase I am in, I am still whole. 🌙’

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