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3 Ways Your Business Can Beat the January Blues!

So we’ve all heard of Blue Monday… and if you haven’t, it’s the 3rd Monday in January, known as the most miserable day of the year.

After the Christmas celebrations and spending sprees, January can often herald a time for financial pressure and strain.

Let alone the fact that during January we also get the darkest days of the year. It's cold, and it challenges our ability to feel healthy and productive… especially when we’d much rather sit inside wrapped up warm with Netflix on than even think about making the trip to the gym in the cold.

So here’s 3 ways you can keep your employees feeling good throughout the January Blues:

1. Boost the energy

Interactive team movement sessions can give your team a real energy boost. Especially when you all come together at a particular time to move, it creates accountability to be there and make time for movement! At Sancti you’ll have a personalised yoga instructor guiding you every step of the way to create engaging movement sessions that keep you and your team feeling alive!

2. Promote a healthy mindset

This can involve something small like promoting an 11am break to go out for a winter walk, or bringing in winter soup to share at lunch.

Here’s some more healthy mindset ideas to keep your team motivated:

  • Start a book club!

  • Promote walking meetings (go for a walk whilst you’re having a meeting)

  • Take it in turns to share healthy recipes or bring in winter warming foods

  • Meditation Monday’s (learn to meditate together!)

  • Organise a Wellbeing Challenge (daily fitness challenges, yoga, run, walk etc.)

  • Podcast recommendations (share your favourite podcasts for the month!)

  • Yoga Friday’s

3. Encourage employees to support each other:

Some significant initiatives to show your commitment to wellbeing could be to provide: -Wellbeing coaches -A day or an afternoon for mindfulness, stress and mental health awareness -Mindfulness Program … anything that helps people to create a calm, brighter mood!

Carrying out training that provides staff with the tools they need to become aware and make changes when they feel off-balance is key to helping staff to help themselves. It also builds an empowering environment where staff have the ability to support each other and connect with one another.

At Sancti, we believe that with the right coaching, the space to create calm each day, and a movement practice that you enjoy, you and your team can feel better, achieve more, and work better every day. January Blues doesn’t have to be that way. There’s an alternative to create a motivated, positive environment, but it also involves businesses taking action and implementing these changes.

Will you be one of them?

To support this, at Sancti we’ve created a wellness package “January Joy” where you can incorporate yoga, meditation and coaching into the month of January to bring a boost of joy and motivation to your team!

Enjoy 20% off January Joy when you book in the month December. Investments for your team are from just £350 depending on the package size of your choice! Email Georgia with the subject "January Joy" to find out more.

Click here to ask any questions & book your sessions directly with Georgia.

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