I believe that starting your day right is one of the best ways to continue make your days happy & healthy!

Creating a morning routine is something that's helped me stay productive even on those "meh" kinda days. Before we get going, THE most important thing for you to know is that you can change your morning routine and adapt it to suit you and your lifestyle. Nothing is permanent and it's not the end of the world if you don't have time for everything in the beginning. Keep working on it and keep making time for you in the mornings, you'll get there eventually. Here's the morning routine that I'm getting on with really well right now: 1. Wake up: when my alarm goes off, I flick on my bedside lamp and head off to make a glass of gold water and my morning coffee (I'm a HUGE coffee lover, but morning hydration is SO key so make sure not to forget the aqua!).

I'm also a vitamin fan, Height's brain vitamins are my absolute favourites because they're full of vitamins and nutrients that you're not necessarily getting from a typical diet.

2. Read: take my water and coffee back to bed for some reading. Even just 10-15 mins of reading is a great way to wake up. (I love a business or mindset book to start the day and get my brain excited - but anything goes!) P.s. I LOVE to read in the morning as it keeps me AWAY from my phone! Your brain is very impressionable in the mornings first thing, so it's such a great habit to keep yourself away from your phone for at least your first hour in the morning. Claim your life back!

3. Meditation / yoga / journaling / workout: I don't usually do ALL of these things! Depending on the day and how I'm feeling, I'll choose whether to meditate, do some morning yoga, spend some time journalling or working out. Typically meditation and journalling win, especially because I'll usually teach yoga in the evenings! If you want to add these into your morning routine, you can always pick and choose which ones to do each day and mix it up. Morning routines don't have to be the same every day!

4. Morning skincare routine and make up: Once I've showered I'll get ready for my day by washing / cleansing my face, and putting on my makeup. I love to listen to a business, or mindset / motivational podcast whilst I'm putting on my makeup. It makes me feel productive and gets my mind going! My favourite podcasts are: Creative Rebels, Conversations of Inspiration, Diary of a CEO, Happy Place. 5. Smoothie or tea: Before I settle down to work, I make myself a cup of tea or a smoothie. In the summer a smoothie and sunshine kind of vibe is one that I love! In autumn and winter, I usually go for a cup of tea (peppermint is my fave), and light a candle to get my office space really homely.

5. Get to work! I work from home, so I just get out my laptop and to-do-list and I'm set for the day!

I would LOVE to hear your morning routines? Or maybe you fancy giving elements of my morning routine a try. Let me know how you get on, there's nothing I love more than to hear your feedback. So drop a comment below, or drop me a message on Instagram: @yogabygeorgia Lots of love, Georgia x

You might think it's obvious right? Now really have a think, look for a definition in your head right now.. what is yoga? It seems that it's pretty likely that your idea of yoga may be pretty different to the next person who reads this.

All you have to do is a quick google search "what is yoga", to realise that there are hundreds of different interpretations of what yoga is, or really can be. This is something that FASCINATED me in my yoga teacher training (YTT). Yoga is hugely popular all over the world, yet nobody can really agree on what yoga really is? From my YTT and through my own research I understand yoga as something that can be interpreted in so many different ways.

Yoga isn't about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down - Jigar Gor

The first time yoga is mentioned in history was thousands of years ago, notably in ancient Indian texts known as the Vedas. The Vedas are highly spiritual texts, relating to the practice of what we know as meditation. There's actually no reference to movement or pulling your legs behind your head.. certainly nothing like the idea of modern yoga we have today! It's only in the past 150 years or so that yoga has been brought to the Western world and had any reference to the physical asana practice we know and see today. Not to mention the many styles of yoga out there, here's some (but not all):

  • Vinyasa

  • Hatha

  • Iyengar

  • Kundalini

  • Ashtanga

  • Yin

  • Restorative yoga

Then there's many different definitions of yoga, from various sources and yogis around the world!

Here's a few to give you a little flavour:

  • Ananda: "Yoga means union. Etymologically, it is connected to the English word, yoke. Yoga means union with God, or, union of the little, ego-self with the divine Self, the infinite Spirit."

  • Oneflowyoga "The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning “to yoke,” or “to unite”. The practice aims to create union between body, mind and spirit, as well as between the individual self and universal consciousness."

  • "Awareness is the secret of yoga."

  • "Yoga is simply meditation, they are the same thing"

  • NHS England: "Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing."

None of these are right or wrong, but very interesting!

As far as I see it, it's up to you what yoga really is. Each time you step onto your mat to practice, immediately it becomes just that.. your practice. It's nobody else's experience but your own.

Yoga can be different for each of us and that's what makes it so empowering. There's no real "right" or "wrong" way to do yoga. There's so many different styles. So you can pick one, or maybe a few that suit you! Here's a short poem of my own as to embody what I believe yoga is to me:

Yoga isn't about perfecting a pose
Yoga isn't about perfect balance
Yoga isn't about standing on your head or doing the splits
Yoga is connecting with yourself
Yoga gives you perspective
Yoga teaches you how capable you are
Yoga shows you that if you put your mind to it, you can do just about anything!
Yoga guides the way to healing yourself
Yoga shows you the real you
The real you that the world is so blessed to have walking this earth
Yoga shows you that the bliss is real
Let's do this

What is yoga to you? - Let me know in the comments!

Updated: Apr 22

"I would do yoga, but I'm not flexible enough"

How many times have you said this? Yep, me too.

Yes yoga can be a series of beautifully curated photos on Instagram, and seemingly impossible moves.. but it can be so much more than that to.

What it really comes down to is how you view yoga, and how you view your yoga practice. Reality is, yoga can be whatever you'd like it to be.

Want to do the splits and balance whilst holding your leg behind your head? Yes that's yoga (sometimes).

Want to simply relax and wind down from a stressful day? Yes that's yoga too.

Simply looking to become more mobile and move your body a bit each day? Yes that's yoga.

What I'm trying to say here, is that yoga can be whatever you want it to be. In the Sancti Yoga newsletter, this is exactly what I will share with you each month. Little tips and tricks to practice yoga your way.

What even is yoga?

When you first type the words "what is yoga" into Google, you'll see thousands and thousands of definitions, meanings, origins of yoga on the internet.

Some define yoga directly from the origin of the word in Sanskrit* (an ancient language of India). From Sanskrit to English, yoga means yoke.. (nope it's not the dippy part of an egg!)

To Yoke means to unite, or to link and somehow join together. Which is why many people all over the world, define yoga as a union of some sort. You'll find countless articles and blogs out there, all referring to yoga meaning a union.

It's therefore very often referred to that yoga aims to join the mind, body and spirit*. I like that one. It seems to make sense to turn up to your mat not just as a form of exercise, but also to feel more connected within yourself.

If you really dig into the history of yoga, you’ll find that yoga stems from thousands and thousands of years ago. Ultimately, you’ll find many different “definitions” of yoga. Yoga really can mean different things to different people, and that’s perfectly fine!

I would love to go into depth about the history of yoga, but really that’d make this into some sort of dissertation rather than a blog.

So let’s leave that for another day!

My bones weren’t made for this

You know what, sometimes they just aren’t. There’s a lot of yoga styles that focus on alignment, which can be great to feel each pose. However it’s really not essential, because guess what? Our bodies are ALL different This is why I try to steer away from strict alignment cues, and give various options so you can choose a version of each pose that works for you!

The more I learn about anatomy and the physical make up of your body, the more important I realise this is & that not all poses are accessible to everyone. So next time you’re forcing yourself into a movement or pose that just doesn’t feel quite right, listen to your body & allow yourself to adjust.

A lot of the time yes it can be flexibility. Far too often however, it can actually be the make up of your bone structure. Yep, so your bones really can stop you from getting into certain movements and poses.

It is totally normal for some people to love a certain pose and others to hate it because of how different our bodies are!

It’s YOUR Yoga Practice, Nobody Else’s

The reality is, yoga can be whatever you want it to be for you. It's your practice after all!

Whenever I teach yoga online, I always try to embody this sense into the class that it's your practice, to do however you like. All I'm here to do is guide you through each movement. Of course some poses will be difficult, and take time to "perfect", but that's part of the fun right?

This gives you something to work towards, a goal. Then when you finally get a pose, it feels like an achievement! But that doesn't mean that what you were doing before wasn't "right". It just means that your practice is progressing with time.

It can be so fun to track your progress, and one of my favourite sayings I hear all the time in yoga is "practice not perfection".

So the reality is. However "flexible" or not you are, it's impossible to be doing it wrong, because it's your practice and it's your journey.

But what do you have in common with everyone else? You keep turning up to your mat, you want to learn more & keep progressing whichever stage you're at.

It seems there's just something about yoga that becomes irresistible. Maybe it's the benefits we feel in our bodies, our minds, or a combination of both.

Whatever it is, it is amazing.

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